Skyrim Dragon Fullsize Build


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So i have been thinking of building a working life size costume of a Skyrim Dragon....
I have watched a lot of the Stan Winston School Videos on how to do a large portion of the creation, my only problem or issue is the Size of the creature. I have chosen to have a dragon that is 12 - 15 foot tall with a wingspan of 16-18 feet and about 25 feet in length. A little hard to bring this creation to any Comic Con and just walk in and expect to fit through the door. I have thought about out door events as well, be great for any Renascence festival and the likes. The creature will be fully articulated and be able to expand the wings, have toy'd with the idea of fire breathing as well, but not sure how to make sure nothing melts, may just go with a smoke generator.

Thoughts, comments


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That's pretty ambitious, have you done anything this size before?

Cant wait to see this come to life, make sure you post us lots of pics!


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I am a tinker of sorts, I have yet to build anything so large in scale. But as long I plan this out it will hopefully go well.
I plan on building a 14 foot trailer and the custom shipping crates to hold the dragon in sections.
I first have to finish my Ice Giant costume then I can make room in the garage for this project.


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Will have to build in sections... Ha!
Tail, wings, body, neck, head.
I hope to get started in a few weeks on the tail section as it will be the easiest.


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Some of the walking with dinosaurs videos might help.
Just about to suggest that before I saw your post. Take a look at those videos, as well as maybe The Lion King, anything with those puppetry - and study how they work. I think Walt Disney World has the Maleficent dragon at their Fantasia show? It'd be good to look at that as well.