Skyrim Daedric Sword EVA Foam Test Build


Planning to make full Daedric Armor soon so I decided to start doing some test pieces. This sword was just a quick test to work out some ideas I had. Constructed out of the same materials I made my Mass Effect Armor/Rifles from. (EVA Interlocking floor padding) Again these are super durable and extremely lightweight. Perfect for carrying around all day at conventions and passing all con/customs weapon policies.


After making this one I think I've figured out a better way to go about putting them together. The final swords will use a slightly different construction method and be a lot more accurate to the actual game design.

Videos showing the build from start to finish.

(The first video I goofed the aspect ratio when converting so its a little distorted, part 2 is corrected and in full HD)

Build Video Part 1:
Skyrim Daedric Sword Build Part 1 - YouTube

Build Video Part 2:
Skyrim Daedric Sword Build Part 2 - YouTube


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Wow this is amazing. I can't view the videos right now, but how did you go about getting the sharp quality of the blade and the smooth hilt and handle down? I'm guessing by heating up the foam and shaping it while it was hot but I can hardly guess on this thing. It just looks so perfect that you can't tell if it was a casting or foam at first glance.


how did you go about getting the sharp quality of the blade and the smooth hilt and handle down?

The videos show most of how I put it together. This was pretty simple as far as foam builds go. Mostly all dremil working for rounding and beveling the edges. The only time I used the heat gun was for tempering and heat polishing after sanding, not for any of the shaping.


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Wow that looks awesome, I've never made anything from eva foam before but it looks like a great material for props to take to cons.


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That is sweet as man, I love the skyrim weapons and armour! I might have to make something like this. :D Any chance you could give me some pointers on Making this?

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I really want the armor as well... I can't wait to see your build for that. I really wish I had a projector...what a simple way to scale props...wish I had thought of it :p


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Have you tried removing the standing drum all together and grinding with just the rubber part of the tool? It gives a very smooth finish and with the rubber on rubber friction, it "heat treats" the foam like hitting it with a heat gun would.


@Yoda - Yes I have tried that, it does work but you have to be really careful though, the rubber heats up really fast and can cause melting. I prefer to keep a ultra fine grit or dulled bit over the rubber drum.


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i absolutely loved your videos on how to make daedric sword out of eva foam, so much so that i actual have started making stuff out of eva foam. im making the daedric dagger, sword and great sword out of the foam, then various other swords from skyrim.

pics of my stuff: Flickr: itachithedestroyer's Photostream

any pointers would very much help :D
and looking forward to your daedric armor build, am wanting to make the armor to (and a modded version for my gf :p)
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