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Hello everyone my name is Nadeem and I'm new here, in fact this is my first post. Since I started playing Skryim back in 2011 and i saw the Daedric armor, I've wanted to own it but . Two years ago I planned to build one but never had the time or the motivation to do so. However now I do so here I am. I started searching around and gathered as much info as possible about the program ( pepakura ), the build, the materials,... etc. Yesterday 1st of April was the first actual starting date, I started with the helmet I printed the template and cut 10 out of the 19 pages ( just the paper i haven't draw them on the foam yet )

Every week I'll post pictures of the process and what I'm going to do next. The goal is to finish it by January for the ohayocon, it would be nice to get it ready for Halloween tho.

This is my first time building a custom, so this is going to be one hell of an experience. that being said I'll try to answer any questions regarding my build and give notes along the way.
All opinions and advice are welcome.

Special thanks to Boris Mzhen for all the help he gave me.
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20150401_172819.jpg 20150401_234250.jpg

let the fun begines......
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2nd horn is done, I'll start working on the top of the head and the back area of the head in the next couple of days ( Happy Easter ) I'll post a pic as soon as i'm done.


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[ Week 2 ]

That week wasn't bad, I finished the top and the back side of the helmet and the other 2 horns on the right side. And yes i know I use too much glue.

Advice for this week: make sure the horns are bent properly, and if you are using the thick foam ( 1/2 inch ) try your best not to leave any gaps or you going to have problems when you get to the eye part, as you going to see for my 3rd week progress.







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Looking good so far. Are you using a high temp hot glue? it can make quite a difference in not melting in the car on the way to a con.


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Thanks Syldar, I finished the helmet like 2 days ago, all what left some minor fixes then I'll start working on the torso, I'll post some pic tonight or tomorrow.

And yes I'm using high temp glue

Here's a pic for the Helmet, the left eye needs to be pushed down a little bit and i think I need to bent the the middle horns up and to the back a little bit. What does everyone thinks ?


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[ Week 3 ]

It was a good week, I managed to finish the Helmet after I took the left side out and re-did it ( the cheek area ) other than that everything went kinda fast.
just some small touch ups and it would be complete.

The Helmet is a little bit big from front to back, but it's perfect from the side. What i might have to do is to add some padding to the back or the sides to either push it forward or backward. Since the Helmet is big I might have to make the shoulders bigger so match the Helmet.

Helmet from start to finish ( cutting drawing cutting gluing ) took me around 24-26 hours.




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looks al lil bit big, wich size did u choose for the helmet and how thick is the foam u used? but good work

I went with the width and it fit perfectly (scale: 14.089632) , I used the 1/2 inch thick foam. Not the one with the diamond pattern

It's like this one:-

Looks good! I wouldn't mind see some shots of it from the front.

You can see the left cheek need to be pushed inward (some glue would fix that)

here's a couple I have on phone.


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going to start again from Week 1

Sorry for the Time Skip LOL

[ Week 1 ]

Between school work and RL stuff I put the armor on hold however a month ago i started to get back into it, here's what i've done so far
1. Fixed the eyes in the helmet
2. Fixed one of the small horns in the helmet ( broke off after neighbors son get a hold of it....)
3. Finished building the chest area of the torso.

so many pieces in the torso ..........
here's some pic.

20160406_192522.jpg 20160406_192429.jpg 20160406_192449.jpg 20160406_192544.jpg 20160406_192804.jpg 20160406_192553.jpg






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12239231_10208061810813530_7676937467059321213_o.jpg Took me a year to build this, but man it's worth it once you are done. Keep up the awesome work, I'm making my girl one at the moment but only have 30 days.
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