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Ok, I know I may be the only person here that really liked this movie, but I thought I would give this a shot anyway. :lol




I figured out that the camera she caries in the movie, is an Argus C3 "brick".

Some things to note are that her version, is the "black" one, but it does not have the little metal plaque on the bottom left corner with the brand info, hers is just black there. (I have seen version out there like hers, I have also seen them with black plaques, and chrome looking plaques.)

One of the other things I noticed is that the cameras leather "Case" is split right under the lens, and has been stapled back together. This is actually not uncommon, I have seen at least 4 on ebay right now with that same tare/split, and many of them where fixed with a staple. :lol

So here is my problem. There is a counter on the top of her camera that tells you what frame your on, but all the version of the camera I have found in the real world don't have that counter in that place. Does anyone know if the counter was added in poste perduction (i.e. CGI) or if there is a version of the Argus C3 that has the counter?


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I'm a fan of the movie as well! Looks like you have done some serious research. Based on what you presented here and the follow-up reseach I did on your behalf; my best guess is that this was put in for the movie. Since the camera "counter" part was an integral part of the heroine's storyline, it seems totally reasonable that this was a custom addition.
I have that exact camera, it just doesn't have the counter on top. I am guessing it was added later. I should dig the camera our of the box that it is packed away in.
Excellent. I'd heard what model the camera was a long time ago, and it's been on my "To Get" list. Not high priority, apparently.... :rolleyes A little too bad that the film-left counter didn't come with the camera. I presume there is some actual indicator that shows how many shots have been taken somewhere on it, though?
Well, I rewatched the movie yesterday, and the camera I bout off of ebay came today. :) The camera is GREAT! I got it for $14. including shipping. :) I had to clean it up a little when it came, but it now looks almost new. :) I still have to get the leather cover/case for it, and a lens cap. I could have bout one of the dozens of them on ebay that come with the leather cover, but I really like the looks, and condition, of this particular camera.)

I have to say, I have been a photographer and and antique camera collector for a lot longer then I have been a prop collector, so this was a very good day for me, to such a nice camera, and prop, all in one. :)

After watching the movie, and having held one of these in my hands, I can say for sure that the counter was added in post.

First of all, if you look closely as the camera slides into the storm drain, nere the beginning of the movie, you'll see there is no counter there.

Secondly if you actually look at the placement of the counter, it would be almost right over the more central view finder (eye whole) in the back of the camera. There wouldn't be room for the mechanism of a counter in the very small amount of space between the view finder, and the top of the camera.

Finally, and most convincing (and to answer the question "Is there some way to tell what frame your on without that counter) If you look in the screen caps above, you'll see the silver dial to the right of the counter they added, has 0,,,,5,,,,10,,,,15,,,,20,,,,25,,,,30,,,, on it. Yep, that's right, it's a frame counter. They put a frame counter, next to a frame counter. :lol That's like taking a beautiful clock with a great face, and hands, and adding a digital clock right next to it. :lol

I mean, I get it, the counter they added is a LOT easier to read. Especially on screen. I just thought the who counter, next to the counter thing is funny. :)

Oh, and wall I really like the way the movie ends. I have to say as a photographer, I have heard that Lens cap joke so many times. (way too many times actually.) Secondly, and more impotently, if the lens cap was on the film would not have been exposed. Since this camera has to be advanced manually, and the count doesn't change until you do advance it. She actually could have taken the lens cap of and took the picture again, and it would have been like the who lens cap thing had never happened. (other then the moment would have been lost, but hey they forcibly recreate moments all the time in "reality shows" :lol) Oh, and if the lens cap was on when she "shot the grown" the same would go there, she would have left it on that frame, and shot it again. But hey it was a good plot twist, and the camera bits, were some of my favorite stuff in the movie, so lets not over think this. :)

I wount have to time for a few days, but I'll try to get some pics up by the end of the weekend.
I just want the ray gun. :cool

Look up Wilco models, they usually have some stuff up on ebay, but I haven't seen anything in the last few weeks. Anyway's they offer a kit. I think it's under $50. I've had my eye on it for a years, but I figure I should get caught up on a few other projects first.
Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your thread :lol but I would just note that the key to an ACCURATE Sky Cap blaster is the fact that the barrel of the gun does not have a round cross section... it's squashed. :D

I loved the movie as well. I happened to see it on the big screen at SDCC, which was also the same time the director first saw it on the big screen. It was amazing. I had interviewed Kevin Conran at the time. Soon after he and his brother were at a showing of it in Austin, so I got to spend a lot of time with them. His brother Kerry was art director on the movie and he told me he kept the raygun.

While adding a few sky captain things like the camera to my collection I saw Jude Law's screen used custom leather jacket at auction and won it. Love the sky captain stuff.
Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your thread :lol but I would just note that the key to an ACCURATE Sky Cap blaster is the fact that the barrel of the gun does not have a round cross section... it's squashed. :D


Personally, wall I have always liked that gun, I have always thought it bears a striking resemblance to those little translucent toy guns. The one that when you sqeezed the metal trigger really fast, it made a zippy, wiring, sound, and made sparks inside the toy. :lol But then I guess those toys, like this movie, were both mint to be a nod to the old cereals.

But I take your comment to mean, that the Wilco, is less then perfect.
Ok, here is a screen cap of the camera going into the stormdrain, and you can clearly see there is know counter, like we see in ther other screen caps, so I pretty sure they added it in post.


And here are some pics of my camera.




In the shot that shows the top, and back at the same time, you can see there wouldn't be room for an actualy counter where they put it in post production.

I need to either repaint, or replace the lever on the front of my camera, and I still need to find a leather case for it, but I'm pretty happy with it. :)
The C3 is a popular camera. The Matchmatic (it has a two-tone color) is the camera used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
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