Unlimited Run Skulls of Touganda replica


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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about doing a run of my Skulls of Touganda that I have recently finished.
All three 01.jpg

These are 3D printed in resin, given minimal electronics, & magnets so they hold themselves together or be displayed apart. It will also have both the 4th Skull ring and The Phantoms' ring (raw 3d printed prototype shown, final items will be painted accordingly) that will be roughly scaled to requested size for the middle fingers (due to the nature of resin printing, there is some shrinkage so I have to oversize it and the fit may be slightly loose or slightly tight, but since they are resin, I strongly advise not wearing them daily).

Right now, everything is 3D printed and each skull takes half a day to print (baring no failures). If there is enough interest, I will make molds for the Gold and Silver skulls but keep the Jade skull 3D printed for the glass/gemstone effect the translucent green resin provides (and to avoid the annoyance of air bubbles that comes with casting clear resins).

The options are:

Raw ring kit - $35 (shipping included within USA)
  • Raw Phantom ring
  • Raw 4th Skull ring
*Items in ring kit are unpainted
*Items are resin
*May request specific ring size

Finished ring kit - $85 (shipping included within USA)
  • 1 painted Phantom ring
  • 1 painted 4th skull ring
*Items are resin
*May request specific ring size

Raw Full size kit - $175 + shipping
  • 1 Gold skull (resin color is random)
  • 1 Silver skull (resin color is random)
  • 1 Jade skull (translucent green resin)
  • 1 skull ring (close to requested size)
  • 1 Phantom ring (close to requested size)
  • 6 eye gems with pre-wired led's attached
    • (each pair is matched and you will need drill the hole for the gem placement in the eye sockets prior to painting)
  • 6 magnets to glue inside
  • 3-cr2032 coincell batteries with battery cage
  • 6 velcro strips to attach battery cage inside skull
  • 3 click switches to turn eyes on/off
  • Extra wiring to complete led circuit
  • Shrink tubing to cover exposed connections
*items are unpainted
*items are resin
*may upgrade to light up 4th skull ring for extra $20

Finished prop - $375 + shipping
  • 1 Gold skull
  • 1 Silver skull
  • 1 Jade skull
  • 1 Phantom ring
  • 1 "4th" skull ring
*All items are painted and sealed and main skulls have leds/magents inside
** Each set takes 1.5-2 weeks to make due to the 3D print speed & post processing, extensive painting process involved with the Gold and Silver skulls, and wiring/magnet placement


  • All three 02.jpg
    All three 02.jpg
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  • Top down.jpg
    Top down.jpg
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  • Silver 01.jpg
    Silver 01.jpg
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  • Jade 02.jpg
    Jade 02.jpg
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  • Jade 01.jpg
    Jade 01.jpg
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  • Gold 01.jpg
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  • Raw Gold.jpg
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  • Raw Jade.jpg
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  • Phantom Ring.jpeg
    Phantom Ring.jpeg
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  • 4th skull ring.jpeg
    4th skull ring.jpeg
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I've updated the listing to include kits of just the rings if anyone is interested in just those.


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I've updated the listing to reflect a new addition. The prototype of it is turning out well. The new addition is light up eyes in the 4th Skull ring! If you've already purchased one of my kits and would like to upgrade to the new option, please message to discuss trade or discount options.


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Apologies to everyone for the huge delay. Here is an update photo of the finished rings.


  • B75DFD44-7C7D-4995-8B0B-5E7B3AD236E0.jpeg
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  • F1B1D69F-65A3-4BB6-9E7B-7C6D817ACBCB.jpeg
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Hello, yes they are still available. Were you looking at the raw kit or a finished kit? With or without light up eyes?

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