Skull trooper Helmets


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Hello everyone, my name is Abraham (ABE) and was part of the SkullGarrison 501st, this post is for you to share part of my work, while I based on the logo of my garrison to make a helmet that could be used, hence came the Skull trooper, Skullpilot and my latest Biker skull model, they are made of fiberglass and are all hand painted and each one is different each other, I have more projects in mind I hope will be to your liking.
excuse my English ... 730?ref=hl

also manufactures helmets for figures 6 ", which can also be keychains

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Those are pretty cool. Nice job!

You know, if you ever end up selling the keychains, I would totally buy some. I collect keychains, I'd love to have some for my collection. :)


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What did you base your skull-helmets on?
Got a pic of the inside?
How do they compare -size wise- to a regular TK bucket?



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now I'm working on fixing the stormtrooper helmet Jakks figure, and then make a helmet Skull for that figure

by the way, have two bikerskull helmets on sale, are the #1 #2 if anyone is interested
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