Skeletron's Saw Arm from Turbo Kid

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Reakt80, Aug 30, 2015.

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    I'm just finishing up my first from-scratch prop, a circular saw rig carried by one of the villains in the fun and very silly movie Turbo Kid. Below, my prop and a production photo of the character holding the film prop.

    Qm1CZPt.jpg wh3xArt.jpg

    It's built from Sintra and EVA, with a battery-powered fan cannibalized for the locomotion of the foam saw blade. This was a ton of fun, I learned a lot (dang it's easy to heat bend sintra!), and I'll be gleefully wielding it at Dragoncon this coming week. Just need to finish up that mask.

    Here's a gallery of the process:
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    Quite impressive. Did you do the rest of the costume ?
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    The paint job looks great!
  4. Reakt80

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    Wow I was slow to see this... I did indeed finish the costume, minus a couple of parts I'm working on before I do a photoshoot out at quarry or something. Here's a shot from Halloween.

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    Awesome! :) I loved turbo kid, awesome soundtrack too.

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