Skeletor/skull mask

Trap Joe

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It was a little, but a fun project:
For a German TV show, I had to sculpt a skull mask out of plaster. This should children explain how they would be able to do at home for their halloween party.
I made my last plaster skull mask, when I was 14. I enjoyed it a lot, doing something, which I loved to sculpt, draw or paint, when I was a child or teenie - now when I´m 37 years.

I decided to paint and shape it a little into the Skeletor way.

Here´s the result:

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Thank you for your comments!
I don´t know if theres much interest on a run. But if there is, let me know.
I´m thinking about starting an INT thread in the junkyard.
If there are 10 people interested I´ll consider to make a mold.

It´s a very old dream, but maybe I´ll do a complete Trap Jaw costume some day.
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