Skeleton Key (Auror Costume WIP)


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Hello All,

I've been working on a small project over the last couple of weeks. It's an idea I haven't been able to shake off for ages, but took me a while to build up my confidence enough to get started.

This is designed to fit into the world of Harry Potter, and is part of my WIP Auror costume.

This is not an item featured in the films, or in the books, but something I imagined my Auror would carry amongst all his other equipment and artefacts gathered battling the Dark Arts.

*The paper props are slightly reworked to my preference, but owe massive credit to the wonderful people on the HP Paper Prop Thread!

Final1.jpg Final2.jpg

I sculpted the original from Milliput (the standard, grey/green), using Evergreen styrene for the straight sections.

I then made a silicone mould, and cast the key in polyurethane resin.

Primed with Games Workshop Black spray, then painted up with other Games Workshop and Vallejo paints. Final weathering stage was a light dusting of MIG powder.

WIP1.jpg WIP2.jpg WIP3.jpg WIP4.jpg WIP5.jpg







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this is awesome pocko!
i like your rusty orange wash.
i look forward to seeing the rest of the costume come together!
good job!
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