Sith Shocktrooper (SWTOR) W.I.P.


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Throughout the history of the Star Wars, the Shock/Storm/Clone trooper (pick your favorite) has been the work horses of the Empire. I don’t know if it was the shiny white armor contradicting the darkness they served but I was hooked. The newest edition to the ranks is the Sith Shocktrooper from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Soon as I saw the new armor, I knew I need to have/build it.

I have collected enough reference material to get moving on the project and have begun working out the individual armor components dimensions. I hope to have my armature for the helmet constructed and rough out the helmet’s shape in clay by the end of the weekend. I am also beginning the backpacks outline tomorrow in illustrator so I can transfer to MDF as soon as possible. Throughout the project, I will try document it in this thread in hopes to get feedback from anyone willing to offer some to better the finished product.
Very cool but it looks like someone threw Vader, a Stormtropper and Bobba into a blender and then gave it to someone that never saw Star Wars and told them to put it together. I'll be very interested to see how it turns out!
Finally, I have had time to get things moving on this project. For the helmet sculpt, I have decided to work in foam to free up my clay for some other SWTOR related stuff. The adhesive between the layers of my foam sculpting block has cured and today I have started carving the rough shape. I hope to have some photos posted by tomorrow evening to get some first impression feedback.
I think I'll make some pep files for this armor and the havok trooper when the game comes out. This game is probably due for a holiday season release .
Nice idea. I've always liked the look of the dark troopers. Can't wait to see the prog pics. Always astounds me what people are capable of creating on this forum.
I want to do a Darktrooper so bad now, I keep seeing them pop up whem I'm looking for references on my ATA, and I find myself more and more drawn to year, maybe...
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