Sith Pureblood attempt in Stage Makeup class

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Lucien Kane, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Lucien Kane

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    Here was my attempt at a Sith pureblood in class today... This was difficult as heck to get right, (I was an idiot and did the entire prosthetic application with mortician's wax) and there were a lot of things that were I to do this makeup application again, I would do differently, but all in all it turned out relatively nice.

    Without further adieu here's the one picture I was able to get while in class.

  2. Nickel

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    Not too bad. Good job. I want to do this for my custom Sith costume.
  3. DaleSabers

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    not bad man. It's looking good
  4. Scuba Bob

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    Looks like a good start. I would try to make the blending edges a little thinner. For a piece like this you're probably best sculpting a cheek piece that would begin at the orbital bone and go all the way down to the chin and do the same for the other side. A chin piece and brow piece would accompany to create the whole affect. it would look cleaner and give you a more realistic look.

    Great work though keep it up.

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