Sith Ithorian Evil "Hammerhead" star wars costume


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I was hoping to participate in a Star Wars Darkside group my friends are putting together for Dragoncon2016. My evil Hammerhead sith
I did a bunch of sketches and did a rough supersculpey mock up that for some reason imports sideways..



His eyes are too close and i'm pretty sure 5 fingers is incorrect but we made up a narrative that one parent was Human and the other Ithorian. you know, science...
I sculpted the head and toe/foot parts from WED clay and did the hands in plasticiene.
hmmrhead2.jpghmmrhead.jpg it turned out ok. not at all what i planned initially but i think it is better this way. I sewed the grey hoodie poncho on a friend's 1920's singer sewing machine. Never sewn before. No head mechanics like I wanted. Oh time
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I don't see too many maquettes of whole costumes before their construction. That's very cool to see. Your sculpt looks great. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


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Any details on that Sith group? If you don't mind someone crashing it, my wife is working on a Togruta-Maleficent mashup "Malefi-Sith" costume. Hoping it'll be done by Dragoncon.

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Looking forward to seeing this! The Hammerhead was always my fav from ANH as a kid. I did see pics of someone at SW Celebration last month that did a Sith Quarren that was really cool.