SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion - COMPLETED!!!


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Hello! I have a thread going over on the Model Space forums where I am working on my DeAgostini Falcon Kit. I decided that I need some practice before I touch that model so I am working on a Hasbro Falcon conversion. Rather than clutter up that thread with the Hasbro Falcon I am starting this thread for it.

I have been following several other conversions and there is some impressive work out there. I hope my work lives up to the massive amounts of talent on this forum!

Here are a few pics of my Falcon before starting any real work on her. At this point I had cut out the holes for the vents and a few of the landing gear.

I have already made a bit of progress so I will be updating this thread frequently in the coming days. Though I imagine it will slow down after that.









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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

So the first step for me is to build all of the deficient parts of the base model in 3d and print them out. I have a co-worker that has a nice 3d printer and he has been allowing me to borrow it to print my models. The list of parts that I want to replace are as follows:
- outside of the mandibles
- inside of the mandibles
- 4 disk panels around the main hull
- inside of the jaw box, back, top, and bottom
- engine vents and grills
- landing gear panels for all 5 landing gear
- details for the 3 grates on top of the docking bays
- Update the frame for the radar dish to be more accurate
- build a lightbox for the engine area where I can put in some custom lighting

I have been collecting as much reference of the original 32" Studio model as I can find so that I could base all of these parts on it.

I started with the engine vents. These took a while to get them right. Learning how the printer works and how small I could go with the grating took a lot of testing.
In the end I think they turned out pretty nice. What do you think?

This part glues in from the bottom to give it some depth. Unfortunately the Studio 32" model doesn't have any more detail here so I had to base this on what I could see in the 5' Studio model.



This is the grate on the top.


Then the next step was to cut out the openings where they go. Started off using a dremmel but that soon proved to be not so great as it just melts the plastic and it shreds up. So there is no making a clean cut on this with a dremmel.

Turns out an exacto knife with a nice clean blade cuts through this plastic like butter.

There was one support in the center of the top middle vent hole. This is unfortunate as now I need to find a way to support it better here. Might print something. Not sure yet what to do about this. Gonna wait until I have the final engine light box built and see if that offers some support here.

Here are a few shots of them temporarily mounted!




I think these add some awesome depth to the back of the model!

Once I am all ready to mount them I am going to add some damage to a few of the grates by lightly heating some of them up and using that to replicate some metal bending on them. As you can see in this reference image I used to base these on.
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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

Another jumps into the thrashing pool! Good start, Sir! I too will be watching your progress...

Your cutting process reminds me I want to try a 'cotton thread' saw on those parts that need removing.

Regards, Robert
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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

Next step that I have already done was to create covers for the landing gear and to cut out the landing gear blocks on the bottom of the falcon. Here are a few pics of that process.

I used a dremel to cut off the majority of the blocks and then used the exacto knife to clean it up and finish the cuts.

These pieces are not final prints. I am still trying to figure out how to fill in some of the gaps around it that had to be cut out because of the big blocks.

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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

Ok, so now my next step is to create all of the side walls that are just flat panels with stickers. I started this out by making the outside of the right and left mandibles. Then I made the Jaw Box parts and followed it up by the left sides of the hull and then the right. Overall I am really happy with how they turned out. Here are a few pics of all of the parts.



Here is a shot of the Jaw Box after putting the 3 main parts into it.

The 4 parts that are on the sides of the Hull are actually made of 3 parts each that are glued together after printing to give it depth. Then to make them fit I am cutting out the side walls on the model and gluing these into place so that you get the proper depth that you see on the studio model.

Here are some in progress shots of how I cut them out and how they fit into place once in.
Cutting out the bottom panels.


Cutting out the top panels.


Here is the hole once put together.

This is a close up of the piece once the 3 printed parts are put together (with tape for now).


Here is the part put into the opening.




And finally here is a shot of the whole side.

And some bonus pics of the rest of the parts put into place!!



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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

The 3D parts look great. Can you tell me which 3D printer you've used ?


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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

So I have a few more pieces modeled but I have not yet printed them. So I wanted to show you some pictures of my digital models so you can get an idea how the process works for me.

Here is the new inside of the mandibles. This will just sit right on top of the surface that is there right now. I will need to do a test print of this piece and likely make some adjustments but I think it turned out pretty good. Some of those small loop pieces might not print great at their size and I will have to adjust. But ya never know.
There are 2 of these and they are mirrored for the other side. This is the right side.

These 3 parts are the vent grates for the top of the docking ports. The one in the middle is actually the access hatch that Lando used to rescue Luke from Cloud City. These 3 are VERY thin and may not work great. I may be looking for alternatives depending on how these print. I think they will be rad though if they work out! These will just sit right on the top of the model that's there. No cutting to add these.

They will go here:

These last pics are for the last piece of the hull I need to print. This is going to be a new radar dish frame for the radar dish that comes with it. The dish is a bit small but it is accurate detail wise. So I didn't feel like I needed to redo the dish. But the frame on this model is completely wrong so I wanted to redo that. Going to cut off the old frame and replace it with this one.

You can see here how far off the radar frame is on the original model.

And here is the frame parts that I will actually print exploded out from each other so you can see the 4 parts. These will be glued together after printing so that they can be angled. Gotta test this one also to make sure that the fit is tight enough that it will hold the position you rotate it to. If not I will come up with a different solution for that aspect.

That far left piece is a more accurate detail on the back of the dish. It goes here.
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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

Looks like you are hitting the same areas Tony Salzo did with his parts... end result will be a more accurate representation of the 32 incher.

Speaking of the dish, I actually was working to improve the back surface by removing the mold-draft but found it easier to just remove it all and replace with strip styrene - this PP plastic just does not 'carve' cleanly (stating the obvious by this point...)

Looking good, keep 'trucking' (period reference. btw.)
Regards, Robert


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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

Thanks rbeach84. Yeah I might end up replacing the entire dish if carving it up proves to be a failure. But so far cutting into this polypropylene hasn't been too bad for me.


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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

I did find that my fav 'spot filler putty, 3M Acryl-White Glazing putty (readily available through Amazon)adheres well to the PP and allows me to smooth out the gouges I make in the plastic. Being it is an automotive finishing product, makes since it 'sticks' (since PP is often used for those huge plastic bumper pieces...)

Regards, Robert


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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

That's good to know! I am putting on panels to replace the missing ones and there might be some gaps that I need to fill in so that might work perfectly. Also those ugly sprue marks on the model need a filler.


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Re: SirCharles77's Hasbro Millennium Falcon Conversion

Ok HELLO again! Been awhile since I did an update! I really need to start doing this every week so I don't get so behind!

So I have made a lot of progress. Going to update this in stages here.

First thing I have been doing is I went around the border of the Falcon and cut out all of the notches as well as making some changes to remove some of the damaged panels based on reference of the 32" Studio Model.

Here are a few before and afters of what I have been doing. Won't post them all as its a lot of the same work just repeated.

This was a kinda fun step to do. It was easy and relaxing and very satisfying to get it accomplished.
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