Sir Boba the Fett, The Ultimate cross-over (Pic heavy!)

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    So I made a thing last summer for November's Hal-Con! It has just been sitting around since then until I finally decided to put the whole thing on my mannequin. I've always intended to post the armour but kept putting it off... but I thought maybe now you guys would be interested in seeing it!

    With my interest in all things Star Wars and my love of Game of Thrones and LoTR, it wasn't hard to brainstorm an original costume I haven't seen before. The trick was to try and translate each part of Boba Fett's arsenal into its medieval-esque counterpart all the while having the armour components remain legit armour. For example, wrist rocket to wrist crossbow, knee darts to knee throwing knives, etc. (being off work for 6 weeks for surgery recovery gave me the opportunity to get into an expensive hobby like leather working)

    I made everything from scratch (excluding the sword and belt buckles, however the wrist crossbow has since broke and been replaced with a Phantom Blade from AC:UNITY.) and used armour-grade leather and crafted chainmaille semi-sleeves from rings purchased from

    1.png 2.png 31st.png

    3.png 5.png IMG_1024401092269_zpsjmffjuof.jpeg

    I will post a few progress pics shortly but honestly I usually got so caught up on the next piece and figuring out how the hell I make it work that I'd forget to stop and snap some pictures :(
    (they are mostly the helmet creation stage)

    It was one hell of a venture but it got a pretty darn good reception at the Con as well as bagged me 3rd place in the Masters division (Hey competition was epic!)
    Any questions I'm more than happy to answer for those interested in venturing down this path :)








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    Wow, that looks awesome! Well done!

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    Very nicely done! Chain mail and leather are definitely great skills for any costumer to master, and it looks like you did a fantastic job.
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    Great job there assassins creed eat your heart out!
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    That is seriously badass!
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    Thanks guys! I won't lie, I was mostly inspired by Star Wars, GoT and playing a lot of Skyrim but Assassin's Creed is one of my guilty pleasure franchises :)

    At one point I was starting to keep track of the money spent to make this but I lost track.. Once you factor in half a grand worth of tools, then tons of hides of leather, the dye, the hardware like rivets and buckles, then chainmaille (not to mention hours for labour) I'm very sure I could have had a screen accurate Boba Fett costume made for me!

    Can't replace a labour of love though :) I didn't want to just make a costume, I wanted to make functional armour I could throw on if the world ends or Orcish hordes attack. That being said, I'm going to continue to add to it probably indefinitely since this material will last longer than anything else I own :0
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    Here are a few photos of the mask making technique:
    Some may be familiar that leather is very moldable when left to sit in hot water (It also dries tougher than before). This helped me immensely to get the shapes I needed for the very tricky shape of Boba's mandible pieces. for this I made 4 different pieces and cut to shape. The pieces were the left and right mandible, the T-Visor trim, and the rounded dome of the mask (Not to mention the strips to strategically hide the seams :p)
    Fortunately I had an unfinished fiberglass Boba helmet laying around that I never got to finish :)

    The pieces were glued together then i marked my rivet holes with a pencil and took the old dremel to it with a drill bit slightly smaller than the rivets I'll be using.

    Next step is easy enough! You don't have to prime it or anything like that when you're dealing with leather so I found a "Dark Drown" (Antique Gel) dye from Tandy Leather. It may have come out darker than planned but I love it none the less! I then gave it a good buffing before I hand painted the T-Visor with black and then red. I am not a great painter but whatever I did gave it a blood soaked that I really lucked out with!

    Final step here was to attach leather a vertical and horizontal leather strap in the back (It goes on and off as a mask instead of a helmet for easier doffing), I hammered in the rivets and dabbed them with some black paint, then hot glued in some black fiberglass screen I found at my local hardware store (Yeah, no problems with ventilation here!)


    ...and VOILA!

    Couldn't have worked out any better for comfort and the look I wanted for a rogue-ish hooded bounty hunter :)

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