Simulating Whisky/Scotch?


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Blade Runner Johnny walker whisky bottle on display. I've used real whisky in the past but that works out expensive and I get terribly pissed every time I move house and have to pack it up for shipping.

Any suggestions for a liquid that'll replicate the look and not spoil/go off?


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vodka - you can get it super cheaper than whiskey....and just stir in some coffee grounds and filter and BABOOM! Whiskey color....


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I refer you to the movie Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Roberts (Henry Fonda), Ensign Pulver (Jack Lemmon) and the Doc (William Powell) make a bottle of fake Johnny Walker Black.


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watered down coke

as far as going bad, what exactly are you wanting to do? ie drink it a month later or ?

I think it's a matter of not wanting slimy mold or algae growing in the bottle, which could be a major pain to clean/remove.

The vodka option would probably work the best with no spoilage.


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Won't go off real quick? :)

I meant this :



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If its for long term display I suppose you could pour in a properly tinted acrylic resin no? It would then be permanent, but w/out mold concerns or need for repeat fillings. Just a thought.
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