Simple surface prep for painting urethane resin.


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If you've used the "unpaintable" Mann 400 release agent, there's a fix for that. First, wash with soap and water then rinse. Next apply some 91% isopropyl alcohol and scrub it with a soft brush. Get into every little detail. You do not want alcohol with anything added to it, no scents, oils or anything.

Rinse with clean water then let dry completely before painting. It's eliminated problems with fisheye, alligatoring and other paint failures for me, on Smooth On Crystal clear 202 when using Mann release 400. I use that release because on many of the items I cast, I have to paint on the back side so the paint coat is seen through the casting, and the painted surface must be glossy. A release like Mann 200 won't leave a glossy finish.

YMMV with other resins and release agents.