Simon Wright From Captain future looking for Infromation

I know this is like an 1 yr old thread, but I too am currently looking about info & measurements to plan making my own Professor Simon prop.

Info about that particular one on the youtube video is scarce, but according to this post (in french) on a collector's forum
capitaine flam professeur simon taille reelle electronique
it would be a very limited edition from a toymaker.

that website (again in french - we were big on Capitaine Flam, the french translation of the show) talks about "model sheets" that was apparently made for the production of the show
Capitaine Flam - Japon - Vidéos
we can see Simon Wright's one and the similarities it has with the mentioned prop

Anyone else has info on anything related to this prop?

Guestimates from extrapolation using an average brain sized about 6.5 - 7.5 inch "diameter" would make me believe the dome required to achieve the prop to be around 11 inch. that's where I will start so far, unless anyone has more valid data.
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would love to see some one doing these i like the show and the design

im still 3d modeling a 3d comet
I am in the "getting information" and planning phase. Lots of things to think about, but I want to pull it off.

I'll start another thread as soon as I have "any" physical progress to show; help and opinion will be greatly welcomed.
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