sillines ensues. been telling this at work all week.


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been telling a joke all week. would be an awesome video.

a serpent and hunter square off. they're evenly matched. at least one wont be going home. the hunter pulls it his medpack removing what appears to be a small canister. with the flick of his thumb, out comes a projectile. the serpent catches and swallows the item with one motion of its tongue.

you then hear this:
Doo doo doo doo, doo doo, doo wah!
It doesn't matter what comes Fresh goes better in life With Mentos fresh and full of life Nothing gets to you Staying fresh, staying cool With Mentos, fresh and full of life!
Fresh goes better Mentos freshness Fresh goes better With Mentos, fresh and full of life! Mentos, the freshmaker!

this is when the hunter (on video) would hold up the canister and roar.


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