Silicone part 2 freddy


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Well more experimenting with platgel, an old sculpt of mine, originally done in latex, just a painting experiment, worked out ok, never thought i'd get platgel out of a mould i'd used for latex, i sealed the heck out of it first.


My wifes making up a sweater piece for it


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Looks nice Ian, love the prt 2 eye colour.

If you do another one, try making the base silicone a little more opaque, it will stop so much of the light passing through and give the paint greater depth


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Cheers bud, The sculpt is years old, not how i'd do it now, it was just an excuse to practise my silicone painting, i agree it is a bit to translucent, but you pick up things each time you do it. The eyes i backpainted, simple enough.
For some reason I never really got into Freddy, but that looks just freaky in silcone..

Is silicone painting alot harder than latex? I've done a few latex paint ups in the past..


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not harder, just takes getting used to, i've been using fuse fx paints which go on really well, you can use other paints, silicone caulking and oil paints is one i want to try
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