Silicone, flocking and pigment


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Hey guys,

I've been watching a lot of Brickintheyard's videos lately and that has gotten me interested in making masks again. However, the silicone rubber system they use in the mask making videos (Gel-00) seems very expensive at around $140 for a half gallon. Its also $35 for an 8 color pigment palette on their website which seems a bit much, however i am no expert. Is this a normal price or is it usually lower than that? If so, where can i get that silicone and does that supplier also sell flocking and pigments?

Platsil is always on the more expensive end of silicones. Check out Smooth-On's Ecoflex silicone. It's less expensive and you can also get the silc-pig that has 9 colors for 30 bucks. has both smooth on products and flocking.

However, I recommend ordering Smooth On from a distributor. My items seem to be "fresher" from ReynoldsAM; when I buy elsewhere, more sediment and funk has settled to the bottom of the batch, making for a lot more pre mixing work. Just a small personal preference/observation!
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