Silicone Faceshell


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Just curious as I have just been reading up on prop making and was wondering if making a silicone faceshell for spiderman suits would be ok?
It would be moldable and floppy, no worries about cracks or dropping. Also installing magnets wouldnt be hard either.

Has this ever been tried?

Edit: By silicone I probably mean really floppy resin that looks and feels like jelly
Hmm...seems like it were *too* jelly-like, it would collapse against the pressure of a tight mask and grip your face in a suffocating death-embrace.


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It wouldn't melt but the issue I'd imagine most would have with having a flexible faceshell is that when you talk it moves around and one of the reasons people choose to use a shell is to maintain a uniform shape. I have slush cast one of my shells in rubber before and wasn't impressed with how it moved under a mask. Just my 2 cents.


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I have tried this with a slush cast latex. It isn't silicone, but it would be comparable to what you are asking about.

It isn't the best. It is much worse than a hardshell in terms of breathability. You need alot more holes that you would with a hardshell and with more holes, you lose form. It loses its form a bit more just by itself (even without holes). I may try again with a variation of hard/soft parts.. For form and movement you almost need a bit of both hard and soft parts. A good example of this is the shell Andrew wears in TASM2. You can see soft parts on his shell.