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Right, essentially, i'm trying to recreate the silent hill police costume,but having only dealt with military uniforms before, it's all a little confusing.
Anyway, I need help with two items, and thought who better to go to, than the RPF community.
does anyone know what the square torch (flashlight) thing is above Cybil's right hand pocket, and where i can get one. I've tried ebay and google, but to no avail.
secondly, This Helmet:
File:SH1.jpg - imfdb :. guns in movies :. movie guns :. the internet movie firearms database
What is it, and where can I get one/ a similar style helmet in the UK? (preferably relatively cheaply, i'm on a budget at the moment)
Thanks everyone,
The helmet is an open face motorcycle helmet... you can get any open face helmet and paint it, and put the decal on there. At least I think that would work.

Not sure about the torch, it's blinding out the camera so I couldn't see what exactly it was.

If you're asking about the firearm it's difficult to tell... I can tell you it's supposed to be a 9mm of some sort, I can't tell exactly what model though. The weapon doesn't have any markings on it either which leads me to believe it's an airsoft gun or a resin prop or something.

As an alternative to the screen used gun a two tone airsoft pistol would work
Like this one

Just paint the bottom of it black, and that should be close to screen accuracy.
it's definitely some kind of torch, but Google reveals nothing, and i'm clueless.
Do you know what badges could stand in for hers (metal and cloth)?
Also, What does her belt kit consist of? (i'm a little clueless when it comes to american police uniforms....)
Ok, so from what I've read, there are two types of belt, flat and basket-weave. Do you know what type of holster was used/ where I can get a non basket-weave holster?
(still no luck with the torch thing...)
I don't think so, they're more circular, whereas the screen used torch/strobe/illuminator seems to be a self contained box with a button on the side, that clips or pins on to the police uniform. it's strange, I would have thought they were quite common....
I'm almost convinced that the shoulder torch she has is a custom job as a nod to what you get in the games.

Here's a collab of Cybil where you can see her shoulder torch a bit better.


I honestly can't see myself wearing something so bulky and heavy. I can almost see that it started out as a Radio Shack project box. Who knows, i've been looking for it for a while so it'd be awesome if we could finally nail it down.
Doing a Cybil Bennett cosply myself got everything other then the walkie talkie .i know its hard to tell but does anyons know what brand / model it is ?? Thank you

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