Silent Hill Great Knife replica


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This was a replica i did about a year ago for a calander shoot it was based off the great knife that the red pyramid carries in the first or second game (cant remember now) but i based the form out of blue foam and then fiberglassed and bondo to finish it out, the handel was renforced with fiberglass rods, overall lenght was over 6' 10", im 6' 4" and the sword was over my head when i made it. I have a couple more photos ill post asap. please tell me what you think thanks to all you check it out.


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I am a HUGE silent hill fan, Loved all the games. and anxiously awaiting the release of the next one in a few months. This i say ... is very nice. and to have done it to the full size... Good show Gov'na.


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Nice! I made a Pyramid Head costume last year but decided to go with the spear as the knife is a ***** to carry around in crowds.
Awesome!!! I made a pyramid head outfit for Halloween a while back and the giant knife, my girl and her friend's dressed as nurses and we marched about town and to the bars. We went into one bar and it inspired them to have a silent hill costume contest the following week but we didn't find out about that until a week after it happened. Ha ha, doh!