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I’ve posted this to Facebook and more people are coming out to say they bought off him too.

They too are saying they were told/asked by him not to share of post photos of what they bought.

All of that is way to suspect and shady to be honest.
This needs to stay relevant on FB and places like Rebelscum and The Dented Helmet. His name and selling name needs to be spread around so nobody else falls for his scheme. He has obviously been doing this to unsuspecting people for a while, so it leads me to believe he will try it again.

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Just an update I have contacted Alan directly and he has confirmed the signature on the plaque I received is legit and he signed 1 with a figure and further 2 later on with some photos. I can't have any say on the other stuff but the tusken plaques have been confirmed legit of the 2 which have been sold.

Brian Muir

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I now have signed plaques for all 3 Original Trilogy Darth Vader helmets available on my website


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