Sigmar Hammer


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Here is a new one I am creating-- 40+ lbs of solid metal in just the head alone. length is over 50 inches.
The design came from the original creator of the hammer for a popular video game.

I MAY BE offering full size resin models of this in the future, bu tto be determined at a later date.

PVC is for size reference only--will be solid wood in its place.








Sigmar Hammer - YouTube


That is beautiful!

I used to play that certain video game so I recognized it immediately. Amazing job recreating it - it really looks perfect...and heavy! ;)


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UPDATE-- I have the molds done and am going to be doing the first resin pieces in the next week or so. There is a LOT of resin that goes into these puppies.
Freaking rubber for the molds cost me an arm and a leg too-- but its ok-- will be well worth it in the end.

As soon as I get a resin one completed I will post some pics and costs.
WOW :eek - as an employee of the unmentionable company related to this work of stunning beauty let me say that is just amazing. The skill you have is wonderous :thumbsup
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