Sidious saber covertec?


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Found this in an Art of Starwars thread on myscififan proboards site... Seems interesting, possibly an original concept or what? (Maybe the saber used in the Yoda fight?) I've seen pics of this saber before but non showing it with a covertec.... I've only seen one pic of the side of the saber and I couldn't see a covertec on that version of the saber ethier.


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That was the one in the picture in the wall.
Yeah the one he battled Yoda with. The idea was that he had them hidden in various places and two distict ones were made i think.


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It's possible that the saber pictured is the screen-used Sidious stunt because neither references of this saber from the movie or pre-production showed the side opposite of the recharge port, so we can't be sure what's there.

The Sidious hero is chronologically made with an electrum pommel and phrik alloy (gun-metal grey) frame for the main body, whereas the stunt has both sections pitch black, which is what is shown here. Additionally, this is not likely to be one of those fan-made replicas that surfaced on eBay several times because there is significant proportional difference on the areas visible in this picture.

It's possible that Palpatines keeps one in his sleeve and the other on his belt.


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There's actually a second full pic of this saber posted in that thread which shows clearly that this wasn't a stunt. It's more of a Hero saber. It has real screws, real LEDs and bezels plus the paint job is really nice. The body is not black it's some metallic color similar to the MR but done with paint. It shows up dark in pics because of the dark lighting in the exhibit and apparently flashes aren't allowed.
I'd say it's a spare Hero of some sort just in case he needed a belt hanging version. It could have been made for publicity stills.

I think there's only one version of the Sidious saber - many copies with little differences maybe, but no black version. The theorized black version is likely just the painted stunts which show up darker on film than the special metal finish on the Hero (see VD).

The saber fight with Windu wasn't altered until pickups. The way it was originally shot Sidious used Anakin's saber. I doubt they bothered to address the saber loss problem and just used the props already made.


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Originally posted by Durasteel Corporation@Jan 17 2006, 02:25 AM
That picture looks like an electric shaver.
You are true.
It really look like an electric shaver handle .


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There were several Sidious "hero" sabers made. At least two, probably three. All had chromed bodies with paint applied over.

None of the "heroes" featured the heavy looking paint job on these photos--even allowing for the lighting and lack of flash. Also none of the 'heroes" had a covertech clip. This one looks painted to me and lacks the luster of real metal plating on the body and even the rings leading up to the emitter plate look dull. So it may be a resin painted piece.

The paint job on the Sidious was a bugger to replicate since it featured a smokey, brown/purply wash over the body. The end cap with the nub and the three domed hex screws was gold, washed over with the same smoked effect as the body.

Maybe they added the covertech as an afterthought, or perhaps this one was prepared like this because most of the other sabers feature this part? Who knows? but it's cool to see different versions surfacing.



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I've seen those pics before, there's also another pic that shows that saber where its in the saber cabnit, I'll look for the pic.


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Looks like a metallic brown color. It's a warmer color than plain grey.
I think that's just the paint they picked for the stunts that was close to the complex finish of the Heroes (not to make a purposely different version of the saber).
Nice shots of similar sabers with real LEDs etc.