Sideshow T-800 Life-Size Bust Mod


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Almost 10 years after I've purchased the 1:1 T-800 SS bust (clean version) and inspired by some mods on this forum, I've finally decided to do something about the eyes. The first mod I did just after I bought it was using a dummy battery in order to tone down the bright LED's but the drunk looking T-800 was still annoying me.

First of all the eyes weren't looking in the same direction, so it looks cross eyed. The troubled eye is also more outwards than the other one. the 4 parts which are supposed to keep the eye in place were not all in the correct position. It looks like the complete eye was turned 180 degrees. I am planning to change the lenses and have clear ones. I probably want to create an iris behind the lens as well to finish it off.

I've put the skull on a thick pillow first and started surgery...

Popping off the red lenses was quite easy just by using a hobby knife. The "good" eye has it's LED popping out more than the other one. I can't push it back unfortunately. The LED bulb or it's wiring seems to be glued/stuck to the eyeball. I want both eyes/LED to be levelled so they exactly look the same.


Next I got a large flat screwdriver, covered it with duct tape, put some masking tape over the eye socket for protection and carefully managed to free the wonky eyeball from its socket. I also took out the 4 parts in order to put them back in the correct position (one of them got broken, hopefully it can be fixed with glue).

I am still in the process of getting the wonky eye in the same position as the other one by removing material behind it so it can be put further backwards.
I didn't manage to get the eyeball fully out as the LED is stuck in the eyeball and I don't want to cut off the wiring as yet. I first want to try fixing it without risking the wires disappearing into the skull...(the horror!)

I still need to do some work on the LED on the "good eye". Hopefully I don't need to break it off as well...

In the mean time I've coated the teeth with some varnish to give them a more realistic look. I've also darkened the gaps so they look like separate teeth in stead of one piece of plastic...this still needs some work though.




I've just took some test shots of the eye with the original red lens with a washer behind it to mimic the iris (I am still awaiting the clear lenses to arrive).

The original lens and a similar sized washer:

Left: without the washer; Right: with the washer

I am still experimenting with the red lenses. I've managed to get the look of both eyes exactly the same. I've used some grey "blue-tag" to fill up the area around the LED's. I've used regular glue to give the lenses a hazy look and I've put the washers behind them.


I can even use all 3 batteries because the light has been dimmed quite a lot now :D
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