Sideshow R5-D4


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Brilliant paint-job,....and great timing also,....I'm in the middle of building up the Bandai R5 (&R2)

It has the right amount of dirt



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Looks 1:1. Great job. his bad motivator looks a bit like a light saber. Maybe he was trying to tell Luke something :)


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The funniest comments friends made were something to the effect of "if R5 hadn't blown it, it would have been a shorter movie - or at least a different film where we learned a lot more about moisture farming"


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That's really awesome, I really (like so many our age) share the same fondness for the Kenner figure, hours and hours of playing with that, and the landspeeder, the Jawa factory, the cardboard Jawa Sandcrawler, the cardboard Cantina......

I don't really do 1/6 figures but i may pick this one up, got to be careful, all that "once you start down the (insert collecting obsession) path forever will it dominate your wallet" thing.


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That figure looks pretty awesome and has some really cool accessories.

You did a top notch job on the paint and weathering. Looks like it just came out of the desert


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Very nice work! Not just one, but all three of them! Thanks for declassifying them. Their memories got wiped first right? :lol
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