Sideshow Concept Predator Bio


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Sideshow release some interesting info regarding a Steve Wang designed concept Predator bio called "Stalker".

This is part of their upcoming line of Predator collectibles.

No word yet on what scale it will be.

Here's the blurb and pics...

As an award winning Special Makeup FX artist, creature designer, producer and director, Steve Wang has designed and built creatures for many of sci-fi’s notable films – Predator, Monster Squad, and Underworld, just to name a few of his heavy hitters. Recently, Sideshow was lucky enough to work with Steve to create some Predator collectibles based on a few of Steve’s original designs, starting with his Stalker character! Steve was kind enough to fill us in on the who’s and what’s of the Stalker, including his unique mask design:

“I was always intrigued with exploring the Predator mythology further than the films have attempted to date, and one of many concepts that has always fascinated me was the notion of ‘the hunter becomes the hunted.’ The concept of the ‘Stalker’ was born from this basic idea. Taking cues from films like The Most Dangerous Game where human hunters hunt another human hunter, I thought it would be interesting to apply that to the Predator world.

“My favorite weapon of the Predator is the blade because it’s a close-range combat weapon and requires real skills to take down your enemies. I love the image of a warrior holding his blade in front of his face as he approaches his prey for the kill, so it was with this image in mind that I decided to add blade-like structures on the faceplate of the helmet.”

To describe the character of this new Predator, Steve writes, “He’s a serial killer who only hunts other Predators. He’s known to stalk and terrorize his prey before the kill. He gets his thrills turning the hunter into the hunted. The blades that adorn his helmet represent his weapon of choice. He has a specially designed blue laser targeting scope that emits no heat traces and is invisible to other Predators’ heat vision making his location harder to detect by a Predator.”

Sounds like the Stalker Predator is one bad dude you won’t want to mess with! Keep a close eye out for more information in our weekly newsletter on the Stalker Predator Mask Prop Replica, coming soon…





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well with it being the size it is compared to those CD's in the background, i'm thinking they wanna make it full scale, unless they gonna pull a neca, which i don't know why they would.

either way i'm so glad they're so enthusiastic about preds lately! thanks for the pics sabres! did not see this coming! at all!

will wait with anticipation for updates!


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Incredible work from Steve. But then I'd be happy seeing anything Pred-related by Steve! The Bad-Blood Bio is awesome. I think the blades are a bit overkill, but its still cool to see. The Bio has some of the Bull/Wang and P2 feel to it...awesome...


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:) im so on this lol, i love steves stuff tho i would much rather get a raw cast and paint as im sure it will have that "we just painted 8k of these tonite" feel


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I do like this, the blades above the the bottom ones are over kill. just leaving the bottom ones will look a lot better. Then on top add some tubing or some thing around the area...

Origami Unicorn

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How much is it? I know that the price has not been release but what do you think because it not from the molds of any movie(could be less).... and Steve Wang created it (could be more). so what do you think?


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HOLY S^%@! Now THAT is a bio. The entire concept sounds like it's right up my alley...a bad blood serial killer that Stalks the hunter himself! I would love to see this Pred in a new movie!


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looks good, almost looks like the bio is a two piece with the head portion and then a rebreather that comes off separately. i might also say lol it looks like a super soldier from the tv show star gate just saying since i just watched that episode, hope it does not offend. but i would agree with gunplameister and would like to see a raw version so everyone could get thier own ideas onto it as far as taking an airbrush to it


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The concept sounds amazing, not sure if I like the bio itself. Looks a bit to busy for me. I'd like to see it wothout the blades on though

berserk wolf

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I LOVE IT!!!! The blades on the mouth area of the bio give me a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger/Kamen Rider vibe. Kick ass! And the tri-laser shroud being positioned on the forehead reminds of Scanner from SEED


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Not for me! Doesn't have the predator feel, more like GUYVER! Or power rangers NONONONO!!!. It's unique but not predator at all. You all know it so be honest. :)


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Too Guyver? Just a tad. Far less than the ones he pitched for AVP-R.

I tend to like this one, but I feel it strays a bit too far from the classic predators we came to love, but would be fitting the Predators realm more.


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What I do like is that they expand the line. Just hope his next ones will be a little more like the ones we know but with a twist, much like the lost boys.

On the other hand, if fox is ok with this, I wouldn't mind more of these.


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It has a Guyver feel to it, but also very much Pred inspired. I think with just 2 blades this could be very cool...and who could resist a Steve Wang inspired Bio?!
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