Sideshow Col. Iron Man 2 arc reactor

O.K. I just got my IM 2 Arc Reactor, choosing to ignore what everyone said about it. I will give it this it's worth every penny "I" spent on it (it was an early b-day gift from my mother) Needless to say I was less than impressed. The C.O.A. says it was built with the help of Marvel ( I'm guessing it was with the help of the janitors at Marvel :p ) After owning it for about 5 hrs I dove into modiing it to look a little more like the movie version.

As you can see below it is basically a tap light with a triangle on it.

There is very little detail until you light it up and even then it is really mutted and blurry not yo mention its all white with no blue in it anywhere.
I decided to tear it apart and to my surprise there were two lenses on the inside. One was almost clear with a bit of fuzz on it for light diffusion, on top of that was the detail layer which was a plastic piece that was in the shape of the inner workings of the arc , finally on top of that was a opaque white lens that hid all the detail until you turned it on. I removed the white lens and put it back together but you could see all the L.E.D.'S and it just looked silly so I took it all apart again placed the clear lens on top, followed by the detail layer and finally the opaque lens to diffuse the L.E.D.'S when I put that together I was happy with it until I watched the movie again. The reactor in the film has a blue tint to it, mine didn't I thought about adding blue lights to the original but stumbled upon a piece of blue gel from an old un-finished project as you can see It looks far more accurate at least in my humble opinion. Please let me know what you think and feel free to follow my lead if you have one of these yourself. JS

above is not lit the next two are lit , however the light intensity freaked out my camera so it looks like the pics were taken in the dark, they weren't

thanks for looking JS
yea, but it came with a fancy stand, I just don't think their heart was in this one, the first arc the released, from Iron Man was way cooler


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Looks really great. I can't believe they were selling these for $150+. I wouldn't pay more than $15-$20


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three screws on the bottom and the top comes right off, there is a rubber ring around the outside, more like a big rubberband , this thing comes apart easier than the $10.00 toy.
Thanks now to find a screwdriver that fits they should have sent them out like that


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Wow, that sounds so simple and does look much better! I'm gonna have to take a look at mine when I get home! Thanks for the inspiration.
o.k. I know I'm beating a dead horse but I think I figured out whats wrong with this arc reactor, in the picture they show a tinted lens over the detail layer

but when we get this in our home the lens is white. I haven't been able to get in touch with MR or Sideshow , but I worked in manufacturing for 15 yrs, and my guess is there was a mis-communication between the designers and the builders because the tinted lens is under the white one but it is there. So just taking out the three screws holding this together and switching the order of the lenses we're back in shape. I still feel that they should refund everyone about $125.00 for crappy quality but "caveat emptor"
anyway my rant is over , feel free to roam about the cabin and thanks for flying with us.