Sideshow 1:1 life sized ESB Boba Fett Statue COMIC CON PICS!


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Hey all,

After sculpting and prototyping a lifesized cantina band member bust for Sideshow Collectibles last year, TSD once again worked with Sideshow Collectibles to expand their life-sized Star Wars offerings.

After a number of interesting concepts, it quickly became clear that a killer, extremely accurate and lifelike Boba Fett statue was the top choice... and something collectors were hungry for. I had the good fortune of meeting several RPF and TDH members at Celebration V in Orlando, and had hoped that someday we could combine our talents on a big, important project. The Sideshow life size Fett was, naturally, a very appropriate project.

Today, at San Diego Comic Con, the first prototype of this new statue has been revealed, and everyone involved, both those working with Tom Spina Designs and those at Sideshow Collectibles are EXTREMELY excited and proud to finally showcase this piece.

Full details will be on the Sideshow site (as well as on ) when the piece goes up for sale but I'll take a moment to thank a number of folks who've all worked extremely hard to create this statue...

Chris Jones created the body and armor. Rich Krusell created the boots (and wore them while Brian Lewis and I molded his feet!). Brian, Mike Thomas, Patrick Louie, Melissa Dooley and myself refined the parts for production and created some of the accessories, the scalps, cape, etc. Mike Mason provided masters for the blasters. Christian Hill provided the jetpack. Tony Turner and Kitty Hebert tackled the soft goods and belts. Richard Riley was our inspiration for the base design. Alex Alva, Jason Miller and the "New Wookiee Workshop" did the final assembly and paint... and Art was a huge help in the reference department.

Add to that the incredible design team at Sideshow Collectibles and Art Andrews for his help finding reference images even Lucasfilm didn't have and you've got just an incredible amount of combined talent on this one amazingly complex statue.

As pics from the show roll in over the next few hours, we'll be posting up other pics. Below is a sneak peek from the folks at Sideshow.

Some cool features to note: The head is on a gimbal mount and can turn or tilt in just about any direction and the knees are made with magnets so that they can be flipped to be accurate to the "normal" look or the "upside down" look from the carbonite chamber.

Naturally, this is a prototype so things may change or vary a bit in production, but we tried to take a fresh look at all of the references and pick out new details that haven't appeared on previous licensed replicas.

We all hope you enjoy your first look at the figure... just wait till you see it in person!

Thanks for looking!
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FANTASTIC work guys!
Nice to see that the helmet doesn't have the visor taper that the MR helmet (and Sideshow's 1:1 bust had). What's the story on the helmet used for this statue Tom? The paintjob looks INCREDIBLE! Any ideas how Sideshow is intending to recreate the weathering?

Thanks guys!

There are some great shots in Rebelscum's pics from yesterday... tons of detail shots! San Diego Comic Con 2012

enjoy :)

Cking, I can't divulge any trade secrets on Sideshow's part, but I will say their intent is to match this as best they can for a licensed, mass produced piece. They've worked with us very closely throughout with production as a consideration and we're providing them with a lot of material to help in that process.

Thanks for sharing, Tom!

The pose looks great, that's always a tricky thing to get right!

Has anyone heard any buzz on proposed cost for this piece?


Thanks Rob!

Brad - I'm sorry to say I've not heard a buzz on that. That's something Sideshow will determine so my guess is we'll all know when they go up for pre-sale.

VERY IMPRESSED! If the production pieces look this good I plan on ordering. Most likely get the Han in Carbonite too.

Do you have any idea how cool you are?

A 1:1 LICENSED Fett that is not only accurate... But made so by the only way possible... By the hardcore fans.

Just awesome. I'm proud to know you. Even if only from the interwebs! ;)

Congrats to all involved!

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