Shuttle tydirium W.I.P


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Been working on a few kits recently one of which is Tydirium , still a bit to do on this one , i may light up the thruster section on the back that's the reason for not painting it blue thus far.
I remade the cannons on this because the originals broke off.
IMG_20150811_163534131.jpg IMG_20150811_163544463.jpg IMG_20150811_163629152.jpg IMG_20150811_163646987.jpg IMG_20150811_163707126.jpg IMG_20150811_165331429.jpg IMG_20150811_165352940.jpg DSCF8262.JPG ENJOY!
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Great job!. I've the studio scale kit made by Mike Salzo and it is huge! Had all intentions of getting stuck into putting it together as soon as i got it but doesn't look like I'll be able to get around to doing it after all. :(


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Indeed fantastic shuttle well done ... if only someone would have tackled to recreate a proper wider cockpit as an upgrade and made it available to this kit, it would improve so much more ... alas I lack those skills :wacko



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1/11 scale speeder bike, i don't care too much for the scout trooper that comes with this kit finished this recently and so so happy with it, just wish i could find a more accurate rider for this vehicle, does anyone know of a 1/11 scale figure i could purchase to go with this? an Endor luke or Leia would be just as cool as a scout, heck id even like an Ewok 1/11 scale
IMG_20150811_164712176.jpg IMG_20150811_164753129.jpg IMG_20150811_164722244.jpg IMG_20150811_164900597_HDR.jpg IMG_20150811_164656026.jpg IMG_20150811_164734768.jpg IMG_20150811_164814587.jpg IMG_20150811_164844083.jpg IMG_20150811_164913009.jpg
IMG_20150811_165158388.jpg DSCF8230.JPG DSCF8229.JPG iv'e use a few, maybe 4 different humbrol brown custom mixes on this to get where i wanted with the color, all airbrush work, Hope you all like it and suggest a 1/11th scale figure that could go with this.
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