Shrek Magic Mirror


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I have been making props for a while, but I haven't posted much of it. I decided to start getting more involved with the community. So I'll start by sharing a project my son and I finished last night for his drama class. He is in Jr High and has to recite the Magic Mirror monologue from Shrek. I made him this prop to help set the scene! (I made it large so we could use it after the project. I plan to put a video screen in it and actually have it display an animated face.

It is made from EPS foam, with a 2 part polyurethane hard coat.

2015-05-16 09.19.54.jpg 2015-05-16 09.20.49.png 2015-05-16 09.21.03.jpg 2015-05-19 19.36.57.jpg 2015-05-19 19.54.33.jpg 2015-05-20 17.43.35.jpg Mirror.JPG


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Nice work, looks great!

When I was a theater kid (and then into college), I loved this kind of stuff. Made the projects so much more fun!


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Wow! This is such a cool project. Your son is lucky to have such a talented having your very own prop department in your home! :D

Also, making a realistic prop from an animation is something I will have to give more thought to. This opens up a new range of great ideas.
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