Shredder comic style helmet.

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Hey everyone, I started a new build and thought I should show it to you guys. So I bring you my Shredder build.
Now with most of my builds I like to use pep files as a base and sculpt over it with bondo. This time I thought it would be better to just make a scratch build instead.

For this I started with a old bike helmet from goodwill ( 2. bucks!) and some old plastic I had laying around.

10923766_10204649970183458_1345088283752767836_n.jpg 10929141_10204649970383463_406910011142063101_n.jpg

Once I had the plastic the way I wanted it, I wrapped it all in duct tape. This gave me a rough shape to the helmet.
Then when that processes was complete I then wrapped it all in fiberglass and pulled it from the bike helmet. When doing this processes
its better its better to make one side then separate it from the mold then make the other side.Once that is done take the two hales and
make them one...I made it all as one part and tried pulling it didn't work...and I destroyed the original mold. But the good news is,
I got the part I needed!

10906288_10204649969743447_2171825159162090792_n.jpg 10636330_10204649969903451_208379485560685549_n.jpg

Now came the fun part, having to bondo the helmet base to give me a nice flat area to work with.


Next up, is the upper crown. Now with this I took some more plastic I had, and used it as a base to get an idea on how it would all look. I also put in some heavy gauge wire to help keep the shape of the crown.

10906264_10204658732962522_5788975418546800052_n.jpg 10922803_10204658733162527_3040928652635124555_n.jpg 10606262_10204658733562537_7620966747975889384_n.jpg

After I got all that done (took way longer than I like to admit) I went ahead and use expanding foam for the core. This will save me time on bondo work and hopefully will make the front lighter.... maybe....

10444569_10204697885661315_4225267972211165012_n.jpg 10922828_10204697885901321_125584990959053902_n.jpg

Now, once I was done with the expansion foam I let it set about a week. (one to let it fully dry, and
Then came the shaping of the still coughing up foam.

10391376_10204697886701341_5002330552826191984_n.jpg 10930099_10204697886981348_551280968951625095_n.jpg

And more bondo shaping!

10432549_10204699983433758_1688951362040837088_n.jpg 10922486_10204699983193752_1637205563117210938_n.jpg 10933798_10204699983073749_5130669582566210578_n.jpg

Yay! Now its starting to looking like something! Next up is the mask, but thats going to have to wait for now. Thank you everyone for stopping
by and taking a look at my work. I hope to have to all complete in the next few days. If you see something that I missed, or see something
that doesn't look quite right please let me know. If I can fix it I will, if not....then it will drive me crazy until I do fix it.

Night Everyone!
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this is coming out super good! i always liked the original eastman/laird tmnt look over any other. keep up the good work man.


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Hey guys! I'm not dead, despite the amount of bondo in my lungs. I finally got some time to update this page and work on the Shredder build. I wanna say thanks for the compliments, it really means a lot to me. Now that that's out of the way, let's get started!

First up is the mask. I managed to throw one together to match the helmet. It's made out of plastic that was heated and shaped to fit my face/the mannequin's face.
10406717_10204705546412829_9039882483806567958_n.jpg 10923538_10204705546092821_6103074301152199651_n.jpg

Once I was able to get a shape I liked, I did more bondo work to smooth it out before sanding and priming. Here's everything together all primed up.
10442336_10204705548412879_5389435435681957962_n.jpg 10922762_10204705550532932_1196238367069324981_n.jpg 10931404_10204705549772913_4924550379165068810_n.jpg 10931425_10204705548892891_6967015714316144467_n.jpg

And how it looks on a real face (couldn't help it, had to put it on)

Last step for tonight was a base coat of silver after another sanding and priming. I'll have the wife age it a little later on for aesthetic purposes.

That's all for now! A few more photos will come once aging is done along with the rest of the armor pieces (shoulders, shins, forearms).
Thanks to those following the process of this build. It's always great hearing from you.

Take care and enjoy your week!

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