Showoff: WORLD'S 1ST Titanium Luke ROTJ Lightsaber


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The Luke ROTJ Hero is not my favorite saber, but that is SMOKING impressive.



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Titanium is my fav alloy and that's one of the most beautiful saber handles I've ever seen.

Great job 5postboy.


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That is 'Super Elite Edition.'

I think this marks prop history as the very first completed titanium lightsaber replica.

Congratulations, Chen.

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If ever a Homer drool icon were necessary, it would be now.

That thing is freakin' sexy beyond words.



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Outta sight saber man. That is frickin sweet eye candy you got there. Nice job and great result for the effort you put in.


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Originally posted by Imperious825@Nov 10 2005, 06:16 AM
How heavy is it?

I imagine it has some weight, since titanium is about twice as heavy as aluminum.
850 grams.

Chen, that's the best version of this saber I've seen. Stunning.

Howard. :)


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10x stronger then steel ay? DROP IT... Let's see some drop-test before and after pictures??? :lol

J/K the very though of dropping such a beautiful piece makes me shutter.

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great job man . How nice is it to have michael jackson hand model it for you too ..


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To be honest,

I really don't think this saber LOOKS much better than the other ROTJ Luke's I've seen, BUT what sets it apart are those LEDs.

I'm VERY impressed by those light-up LEDs. :thumbsup

Knowing a little bit about how tough it is to work with titanium and something about its expense (I've read quite a bit on aviation history and the SR-71 Blackbird development "saga"), the creator of this blade was extraordinarily brave and must have been mildly crazy to use the alloy. The stuff's expensive and a bitch to machine even if its strength-to-weight is far superior to most alloys. Kudos. :thumbsup

I'm sure Chen would get a lot of praise from ex-Skunkworks employees on this project... :lol

I'm sure more than a few of them would be wondering WHY a civilian would work a hobby project out in the metal... :confused :lol


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My wedding ring is titanium, and I'm always amazed at how light and strong it is. Someday, when I win that big lotto jackpot, I'm going to have a titanium rapier and dagger set custom made. ;)

Originally posted by Luke Warmwater@Nov 9 2005, 05:25 PM
At first it was supposed to have a vibrator...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that reaction.