Showoff: WORLD'S 1ST Titanium Luke ROTJ Lightsaber


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Hi all, it's been a while since I did a show off thread. Just wanted to share pics of a project I just completed. :D

This ROTJ Luke is no ordinary lightsaber. This saber was made of grade 5 solid aircraft grade titanium. The material is extremely hard and it's said to be 10 times harder than steel but just as light as aluminium. This thing weighs only 850 grams, less than a kilogram.

It is extremely hard to machine, much more difficult than stainless steel. The hollow body took 2 hours just to drill out. Basically this project was very expensive, took about 3 months to construct and this is the only one made. Check out the material at and you'll know how much the material cost. Not to mention the machining cost and electronics. :eek

The saber's measurements are very accurate. Got a good reference directly off the MR luke I used to have.

On top of that I wanted this to have an added feature. At first it was supposed to have a vibrator and a super bright green LED on the emitter but because of space constrain on the inside of the saber and a lot of mess, I decided just to go with a luke with lighted LED arrows.

The copper pieces were made of real copper and later sand blasted for the rough look. It was protect with a layer of copper plating. So no paint like that on a MR's. The Tri-ring was made of stainless steel.

The LEDs lights up by sliding the activation plate. This was the most frustating process altogether.

Now the LEDs were custom made. These are in the correct size and since these were not sold readily, it had to be made. They are sharp looking.

Also, this saber DOES NOT have any threaded rod to hold it on the inside. The pieces have their own threading to it. This makes the saber basically hollow from the emitter right down to the pommel. A battle rod could be inserted. Without further delay, here's some progress pics.

The only thing I think could be improved were the black on the ripped area. I couldn't find anyone who could black anodise titanium.

Let me know what you guys think. I think this is truely the Premiere(Elite of all elite) version of all Luke ROTJ sabers. It is basically an indestructible saber, every sense of the word. :D At least that's how I want to think it is ;) Thanks, chen.

Progress Pics:
The control box was hollowed for inserting the electronics. This was wire EDM, impossible to be done by milling. The activation strip plate was also wire EDM out of copper. The lines were cut out, they are real grooves. The black you see were not painted but was black zinc plated.




Completed Pics:












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Wow. I've always been curious to see one of these in titanium, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Be proud of that piece. Thanks for sharing.

Darth Lars

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Now where can I find a jawdrop icon when I need one... :confused
That lightsaber is really beautiful.

Now this is what I call Elite Edition. :thumbsup


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10 times harder than steel and you still have to wear gloves to handle it? :D

It's freaking beautiful. I wouldn't let anyone touch it.



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Hi guys, thanks for all the great compliments. Yes this is a dream come true for me.

Originally posted by Killdozer+Nov 9 2005, 12:39 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Killdozer @ Nov 9 2005, 12:39 PM)</div>
10 times harder than steel and you still have to wear gloves to handle it? :D

Killdozer, I put on my gloves on all my props. It's like a habit, to prevent any fingerprints staying on them. Man I change gloves almost once every year. It gets worn out with all the handling ;)

<!--QuoteBegin-phase pistol
@Nov 9 2005, 01:02 PM
You could use that as a part in a jet engine, thereby completing the circle. :sleep

Hahaha....that's I'll even trade the entire saber for those obi emitter.

BTW, I was wondering if titanium could be anodised black....any leads? Thanks all, chen.


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Thanks Andres, actually I haven't seen those yet. I'll check them out. Here's another teaser pic with an acrylic blade installed ready for duel....


Yes Luke was supposed to have a vibrator that creates a humming and feels like it's actually a working hilt...too bad that didn't came along well. Figured it'll be useless for the humming if it doesn't have an emitter LED. Thanks, chen.

Dean O

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I machine titanium on a regular basis in my shop, knowing what a pain the stuff is to work with, I commend you even more for doing such an awesome job. Looks superb.


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I'm not much into the sabers, especially not the Luke ROTJ saber, but I am more than impressed.

That looks like flawless work. Be proud. :thumbsup
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