Showoff thread: Crimson Empire/Royal Guard armor

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To all the red royal fans out there, I'm finally ready to show this to the prop world. I wore it to Celebration 3 but was computer deficient at the time so that was the only place to take a look til now.
This is an original sculpt finished just in time for C3, the paint and glue were still drying in the baggage compartment ;)

As you can see, there are grooves across the pec plates concurrant to those portrayed in the comic series. The pecs themselves are not as square as portrayed in some illustrations, but pectoral muscle-shaped, as in this one:

Though I admit it would be good to make a squared pair as well, which I will be working on. The material is styrene with a leather divider. What's handy about this sculpt is that with a kit, it could be fit to anyone, it just takes posistioning.
A pec plate close-up:

The abdominal plates are seperate: three plates for the average-sized person, four for the tall. Less would kill the effect, and as the plates are positioned due to height, they can be arranged to account without losing layers.

As you can see, they lay perfectly flat, but conform to any body without a lot of work. And if you have washboard abs or enough muscle control to do that "rippling stomach" trick, you can wow the lady stormtroopers :love
Shoulder guards are WIP, as I ain't quite happy with mine.
TE helped form this suit, and with a little luck and a fair amount of heat, the paint turned out pretty nice. I will post the full outfit at C3 when I find the pic from the staff. It's been a long time in the works, and my first version wasn't my fault :) I've been wrestling with this project for years, and I am glad to finally have something to show for it ;) That, and I get a twitch when I see red stormtrooper armor. :p I'm planning to make two more sets: Black for my Carnor Jax costume and blue for the inevitable Coruscant guards (someone get on the perfect helmet.) More updates to follow,
PM with any questions.


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I remember this from CIII.

I am glad someone finally did this costume. One of the better ones from the EU IMHO.

Great job Joey.

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Originally posted by NEKROFANATIC@Apr 13 2006, 05:17 AM
nice....How does that inflatable mannequin hold up under armour anyways?
Anything short of stormtrooper suits, it's fine. Has no feet, but will stand ok in boots.
Will get the full costume onto it soon, long boots and all for a pic,