Showoff: ESB stormtrooper armour


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Well here it is....finally.

After a lot of hard work over the last year,I am proud to showoff my new ESB armour.This suit has taken me six years of hard work to get where it is today,and I think it is awesome :)

The plastic is .100 gloss white HIPS and only the helmet has been sprayed white over beige to look like HDPE.The helmet decals are from Jeezycreezy and fit my helmet quite well.It's grey inside with a foam liner,chin strap and green film fo the lense.

The armour is all strapped up how I think the real suit's are.The belt is custom made canvas and the cannister has the right belt clips :) The boots are jodhpus painted white.I made the holster from vinyl and I also made a custom neck seal from the same stuff.It has 12 ribs and the 'bib' goes down to my waist.

That's it for now,hope you like it.



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Simply stunning. Atleast I can still say I've got an accurate blaster :p

But when did I miss your ANH suit?


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Paul, that is a fantastic piece of work and an amazing testament to your 'eye for detail'... well done mate :thumbsup

I'm lovin' the elastic loops holding down the back of the shoulder-bridges and the overall proportions / armour-spacing... looks like you nailed it.

But.... to me an ESB trooper just ain't an ESB trooper without the 2 lil' notches on the front of the hand-guards, which the nylon thread was attached to... but I'm deliberatly nit-picking, here :p

Give yerself a pat on the back. :)


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WOW those drapes are gorgeous....oh wait :lol

BEST ESB Trooper I've ever seen.. The bucket is fantastic....I'd love to see some closeups of it.


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Really fantastic looking piece of armor. You really are a talented guy and deserve all the praise you get. Absolutely stunning. :thumbsup


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awesome paul.

when you said soon in that last PM, i thought you meant soon like youve said for the past year or so. :p


your time and hard work has deffinately paid off.

looks as though it walked straight off set.


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Wow - that is awesome.

You did a fantastic job. Looks like you just walked off the set.

By far one of the best troopers I've seen.

In my opinion this is up there with xxxxx's Fett (shoot - I can't remember his name). He finished his ESB Fett about 2.5 years ago and it is amazing.

Oh well :$ .

Do you mind sharing how tall you are and how much you weigh. You look like the perfect trooper size.


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Simply awesome Paul...excellent work *tips hat*

Now, if I can just have it back... :p

Cheers, Gord.
Hi Paul,

Looks fantastic the attention to detail second to none. Always a pleasure seeing your stuff :) .

:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Cheers Chris


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Thanks for all the excellent comments,they are really cool.

I am so glad to hear that you really like it.As most of you know,I have agonised over this suit for too long but it has been well worth it :D

If you look closely at the suit,you'll see that it is like no other armour out there.There are some nice suit's available,but all still have the ROTJ tells and lack all the little things that make up the 'look' of an original.

I'm going to have another go at making a helmet in beige PolyPropylene.The last time I had some issues with the heating,but I think I can do it now.It'll be painted up as an ANH with all the paint chips,only this time the beige will be real plastic.

Thanks again everyone :D


edit: Stormy320...I am 6' and 185lbs