Showing off my mask to my nephew


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I brought my mask and biohelmet to my parents' place this afternoon to show them how things are coming along on my costume. My 6-year-old nephew loved it, and wanted to play a game of "monster" in the back yard with me. So, we got a few photos of it:



I explained that the Predator came from space to go hunting on Earth. I didn't explain that the Predator hunts people, though -- it probably would have scared him, or at least provoked a lot of questions that I didn't really want to explain. Otherwise, next thing you know, he'd want to see the movie with me, and I would have to fast-forward through the part where Arnold tells the Predator, "You're one ugly motherf---" "Liam! You're not old enough to know that word yet!"


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It's funny to hear you say this- I showed my 5-yr old daughter the movie, scrambling like a moron in fast forwarding scenes, keeping stuff muted, etc. I knew if she saw me working on the suit that she'd want to know what it was, so I just bypassed all of that completely


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very cool

my youngest son has got the suit building bug ...

he has seen me suit build often enough to want to help out everytime i work on a piece...he loves drybrushing

we are quite possibly creating the next generation of special effects artists
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