Show us you spraybooth


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Hey guys,

Im putting out the call... Show us what you use for a spraybooth.
Bought or built, what do you use...

All picks and ideas would be appreciated. Im sick of spraying paint all over the place :)



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I've got a couple of really deep IKEA bookshelves in my hobby room and I'm using one plane as a spray booth. I've stapled black plastic all arount the inside and added a small "lip" on the outside to catch rebounding paint spray. I've also added a light to the top.

The whole thing is only about 3ft by 3ft by 2ft but it works for general model work (airbrushing). If I need to used spray cans with toxic fumes I seal the whole thing with see-through plastic (ceran wrap works) and cut a hole for my arm. I think the largest prop I've used it for is my Pulse Rifle.

/Joe F


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I think the largest prop I've used it for is my Pulse Rifle.
How about a pic of the PR?

My spray booth is a large cardboard box with a hole in the back where I attach my shop vac to suck up the air.


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Here's the one I use.


Rhett J Martin

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Mines the trunk of a 95 ford taurus station wagon. adds whole new meaning to driveing under the influence??
"Are you drunk, sir?"
"No officer..."
"What then?"
"I just did a gloss coat.." :D


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Mic booth is a little big for me. Im looking at something like 12rouges has in his picture... What did you use for the extractor vent and motor?



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I used a common bathroom vent fan with some filter material normally used in air purifiers.

I don't claim that shooting flamable materials through a common bathroom fan is safe. Flamable materials can be ignited by an unshielded electric motor. I suggest you practice safety in your work area, and purchase a vent fan made specificly for venting paint fumes.

I usually spray acrylic paints in my booth (which still isn't 100% safe) but so far I still have all my fingers and toes, face, eyes and the rest of my original factory installed equipment....

You may look at McMaster Carr for a good explosion proof fan McMaster Carr or Grainger.

Good luck,

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Originally posted by yt@Aug 27 2005, 05:16 AM
Try Harbor,  the 44040, I think mine was $50.

how cute. :)

If I ever need to paint a lego brick, I will definately buy one of those shoe boxes.



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Originally posted by BlindSquirrel@Aug 28 2005, 05:29 AM
I decided to go the top-of-the-line high tech approach.



Now I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, but I think you're supposed to take it out of the box before you use it.
:p ;)
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