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"Show & Tell Time". . . Original/New Concepts: Character(s) & Other cool Stuff

Super Duper C K

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Hello all,

I am new to this website and saw while looking through the links to the forum pages that there are a lot of links to discussion pages for topics for concept items and stuff that other people have created that might have fun base of followers for stuff like from comic books, movies and cartoons alike, but have not seen any topics about what the creators in the industries or from the fans/hobbyist/inventors/creative thinks are coming up with as his or her own concept created stuff. So I am Starting this topic post for people that want post or find out news about "cool" and "original" ideas for and about projects that people are crafting/working on directly from the people that want to post there concepts and ideas that they are working on or have finished. Therefore, the topic I is something that is called "Show and Tell" Time that my classmates and I could take part in if we had anything that we had brought to class to show in front of the class and tell something about. When I was going to school my classmates and I only had "Show and Tell" Time back in school before we started going to Jr. High. Therefore, the stuff discussed in this particular forum are topics that are open to a wide range of stuff and should not be to graphic/mature type stuff and only be discussed in as much detail as the individual(s) feel comfortable discussing what he or she wants to show, in this case to the website's members and anyone else that might gain access to the content depicted and discussed and view it and or read the posts.

After having stated the above, I just want to say, 'I hope everyone enjoys and has fun finding out about stuff he or she might or might know before hand and hope everyone enjoys and has fun showing off stuff and sharing facts about the various stuff that he or she wants to give a report about.
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