Show off: Tusken Raider head


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Hey guys, Just finished my Tusken head and I thought i would share. I ended up using my kit insted of the Aluminum pieces I had made, just found them easier to work with and with the rub n buff they looked pretty close. I used coffee(flash washed it out) and sand for the weathering. It was built on the Studio creations mask.

In no way do I mean to imply It is good enough for a side by side but i had to throw it in.

If anyone has finished thier masks with the kit, please add the photos to this thread.

Thanks Wackychimp
tThanks SC


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I would weather the leather around the mouth and darken the wraps and it would look perfect.


Sr Member LOL. I like the mouth. You did a great job there mate:)



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Yes it looks great, maybe a bit more weathering, but its cool as is.
Quick question, did anyone ever design what they looked like under there?


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Thanks guys for all the compliments and suggestions..

Not exactly sure what you are asking Frosty, On the inside I lined it with 2 inch black pipe insulation foam. The same thing I do on all my masks and helemts. It is comfortable, neat, and the black hides light through lenses.


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Nice work on the Tusken head, magpie. :thumbsup

<div class='quotetop'>(frosty @ Jul 7 2006, 04:40 PM) [snapback]1275763[/snapback]</div>
did anyone ever design what they looked like under there?[/b]
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Not exactly sure what you are asking Frosty[/b]
I think Frosty's asking whether anyone has ever presented a design for what a Tusken Raider looks like without his mask and wrappings.


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Nice job.

Here is a photo tip for you. When photographing your props, NEVER use the flash. Get the piece lit like you want it, set the camera on a stable surface (like a stand) and get the shot aligned. Turn off the flash and set the timer on the camera.

You may need to adjust the contrast a little in Photoshop but the results are well worth the extra effort.



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Sorry guys, yes thats what i meant, what they look like without the wrappings, sorry again to take it off topic
A naked raider :lol

Trooper TK409

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What's a Tusken Raider look like without all the protective bandaging and head gear...?
Like people, only meaner. It sounds weird, but I believe they're simply a type of religious extremist humans. Anakin refers to them as men, women and children. (as opposed to males and females.) The nature of their coverings comes only from their almost fundamentalist religious belief that they can never be uncovered (punishable by death except on their wedding night) - similar to the cultures who cover women in burqas (sp?). To me, the enforcement of unusually strict practices by physical force or violent humiliation = religious extremists.

Nice Tusken. I'd darken those wrappings with plenty of though. I would have suggested using a darker material.