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I've been mulling --- for quite a while --- which would be my first TIE pilot helmet, and it finally came down to RSpropmasters or SDS / Shepperton. It was close, until I learned that RS came out with the Hero faceplate. The Hero!! Legend has it that it was from an actual ANH TIE faceplate; can anyone confirm? That truly tipped the needle for me, and it certainly passed the eye test. So RS it is!

Before I pull the trigger, I'd like one last look at the menu. I've been scouring the interwebs for days just looking for RS TIE helmets... I came across a few, but these had the pre-Hero faceplates.

So, any RS Hero TIE pilot helmet owners wanna come out of the woodwork? Make me green with envy!

Many thanks in advance, good people!


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I’ll be curious to see this as well- I own one of the older (non-Hero faceplate) RS helmets, but I’ve been thinking of upgrading. I was torn between the new RS and the CFO/RBJ ones myself.


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The RS Youtube videos show TIE Pilot helmets in progress, so it shouldn't be too much longer before they start shipping.


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6 months, eh. I don't feel too bad then

I ordered the TIE helmet kit, I figure that I can assemble and paint it myself. We'll see how wrong I can be when it finally arrives


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I just received this RS Prop Masters TIE Pilot Hero 3 helmet.









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pics of the Hero 1 I bought from skoota73 in his original JY thread:


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Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL, and done flawlessly. How do you like it? Would there be anything you'd change? From where I sit, I know I wouldn't! :p
The only thing I can think of that could be better is the letters on the mohawk. The proportions look a little off to me. Otherwise this is probably as close as you can get to having a production made ANH TIE helmet.



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“I’ll be curious to see this as well- I own one of the older (non-Hero faceplate) RS helmets, but I’ve been thinking of upgrading. I was torn between the new RS and the CFO/RBJ ones myself”

Here’s a couple CFO/RBJ hero helmets



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Nice... CFO makes great TIE replicas as well.

I've noticed that RS' Hero pilot helmets have distinctly smaller, skinnier teeth compared to CFO's. I've compared the RS teeth to a photo from the actual prop, and they are identical in size and shape. CFO helmets are direct cast off's from an original ROTJ stormtrooper (which was a cast from ANH), yet their teeth seem wider.

As both RS and CFO make helmets based off of original props but have different sized teeth, who's is "more" accurate/correct?


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Thank you for the comparison pictures ggriffaw and RBJ . I am also vacillating between the CFO/RBJ and RS. Is it the angle of the pictures or is the spacing between the faceplate and helmet wider in the CFO creating a narrower look in the RS? I do think that they're both fantastic helmets.


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The ANH TIE Pilot helmets use the hero Stormtrooper faceplate. RS recently changed to a faceplate with lineage to a TIE faceplate.

I don't know if CFO uses a faceplate based on the ROTJ stormtrooper or not. The ROTJ stormtrooper is pretty noticeably different than the ANH stormtroopers. More details about the ROTJ stormtrooper can be found at Original RotJ Stormtrooper Helmets and Armor. The ROTJ stormtrooper appears to be based on a stunt helmet, not a hero.


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The CFO does not use a ROTJ faceplate. It uses a modified Set for Stun ANH face. I have both the RS and CFO here and can post comparison pics if you like. There are many differences.

The teeth on the teardrop CFO hero I posted are correct. The silver trident hero is a early prototype I painted up


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