Show me your Detolf!

Hyperion Rail

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For Christmas my girlfriend got me several perfect collectible gifts, but one of the most notable is the Detolf from Ikea. For only around $65, this four (not including the roof) level glass case is relatively easy to build (not a one person job) and with the optional light add-on is an amazing display for your smaller collectibles. Sick of dusting and worried of things falling over? This thing keeps them completely surrounded in glass and at eye-level so visitors can get a full 360 degree view of your collectibles without cluttering your house or being exposed to the elements. The unit bolts right to the wall to keep it from tipping over but at 93lbs, it's not easy to budge. Add the LED light from Ikea, or get yourself a color-changing light to really show your items in all sorts of shades. This thing is sick!

Okay, now that that explanation is over, I want to see yours. Show me your Detolf, Klingsbro, or any other amazing display cases you've found, purchased, or made and show us what you've done.





















Having a collectible is sweet, but having a bunch is better. Show me how you show the world your stuff!
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Adam C.

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Welcome aboard! Nice collection by the way. Just so you're aware, if you type ''Detolf'' in the Search function you'll find several threads where people have already discussed this topic and posted pictures in the past. (Here's just one thread that I found. I've always admired the look of the Detolf cabinets myself, but I haven't gotten any yet. Yours looks great man. Thanks for posting the pics! :thumbsup


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Yep, these are staples in eveyone's collections. Just search the name and you will see some killer photos of these cabinets.

Hyperion Rail

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I searched them but most of the threads I came across seemed like questions or issues, or a random pic in an unrelated forum. So i was looking to make a concentrated blast. Guess I should have combed through more thorough. I also used my first post to share and get more people on this forum, but not working so well.

I still need like 3 more of these to really cover my entire collection (including the stuff on my ebay watch list...sigh, that thing grows faster than cancer.)
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