Shoulder Cannon On The Cheap (Like 5 Bucks Cheap)


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I know. You saw cheap shoulder cannon and thought 'Oh great. Here we go.' Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised. I know I am.

So with my move looming over my head and all my stuff being packed up, I of course had an urge to make something so I thought, 'why not a cannon to go along with my bio?' I initially wanted to sling it and mold it and such but since everything was packed and I didn't wanna open a bunch of boxes only to have to repack stuff in a couple days, I decided on foamies. They're cheap, lightweight, and fun to work with. I documented the whole thing so I apologize for the picture heavy post but here it goes!


o I went out and bought 3 different thicknesses of foamies; 2mm - grey, 3mm - white, 5mm - black. $3
Pop - $1.30
Black paint (since I was out) - $1

I already had some other paints that I used, the ModgePodge (or PVA glue, your choice), brushes, and plastic primer (for the barrel tip(more on that to come)).

I cut out my basic design out of the black foamie and used an old tube of paint for the barrel.



I then took the the white foamie and sketched out my design and began to cut out some more bits and pieces.



To glue the pieces down I used a scrap as a spacer so I had the same spacing for all my pieces and I used some super glue I had on hand. You could use PVA/ModgePodge to glue the pieces together if you wanted to.

I then used my pop bottle, after drinking the contents, to make the generator end piece. I cut it to size, removed the label, cut 4 foamie circles and placed two inside of the tube with a dab of glue to hold them in place and two flush with the ends.


I then skinned the end with my 2mm foamie and attached it to the body of the cannon. I had a basic shape! I then added some more bits and bobs (I think they're called greebles or something like that) to the body and the generator via glue till I was happy with the design.







I took a regular #2 pencil and made the lines along the greebles to give it more depth. Here is the final design before beginning sealing it! (The barrel was removable and since I planned on using some plastic primer on it anyway before painting it I didn't ModgePodge it, hence why it is missing.)


Here it is all sealed with the newly primed plastic tip.]

Following The Big Gunns' foamie painting huntorial found here I began with an all flat (or matte) black paint coat via sponge brush.

Then I did a layer of black and latex mixed together to give the piece a little texture. Sorry for the sorta blurry pic.

Next I did the black and silver layer and then I added a grey and silver layer just to give it a little more depth and coverage. Finally I did a dry brushing of straight silver and did some little touch ups with silver and gold. Then a clear coat with a matte spray paint (cause that's what I had on hand. Big Gunns recommends clear plastidip but I wanted to keep my cost to a minimal.)







That's it! I am stoked and really happy that it came out as well as it did. The cannon in total is 13.5 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 3.1 oz. Its so light! I am my own worst critic and thus I see things that I would change but all in all I am pleased with the outcome considering it cost me a grant total of 5 bucks and took 2 days start to finish. I have enough of my foamies left over that I may try making an arm but I need to find a design I like. We shall see...........

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I so love creating something from nothing and especialy when it costs nexts too nothing..good post and tutorial..hopefully inspire new blood to be creative rather than buy...

Spats said:
Nice job! Now I gotta pick up some foamies..
Make sure to share if you decide on a cannon arm!
Thanks Spats. I certainly will. I have been thinking for a good part of the day how to make it the way I want with the range of motion I desire. I think I have a pretty good idea and will be posting updates and I work on it.

sulaco1967 said:
I so love creating something from nothing and especialy when it costs nexts too nothing..good post and tutorial..hopefully inspire new blood to be creative rather than buy...

Thanks Sean. Yeah, its a blast making something from nothing. To be able to say "I made that from an idea in my head" when someone asks rather that "I bought it from some guy" is a great feeling.

CalgaryBound said:
Very nice job.Its funny I was just thinking about maybe trying to sculpt a cannon and I turn the computer on and see this.
Thanks CalgaryBound. Funny how things can turn up when you least expect it.

babypred2000 said:
now that is one nice five dollar cannon, i will be making one with my son thanks.
Thanks babypred2000. Glad I could help. Make sure to post some pics when its done. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

lowdmekon said:
Pretty good work my friend
Thanks lowdmekon.

Think I replied to everyone. As I said in my reply to Spats, I have been thinking on an arm design and practicality. Just need to work out a few details and then I'll begin construction, unless moving occurs first. Then I may have a bit of a delay.  

Looks great.  :)

Foamies are wonderful things,  With enough foamies and enough glue, you can make absolutely anything.  ;)
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