Should I Watch Supernatural Season 6 ?


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Ok season 6 started 3 weeks ago and ive recorded them and not watched them because i wanted to ask a question so here's my question should i watch supernatural season 6
cause the ony constant thing ive heard about season 6 is that it's not as good as the previous seasons and franking it sounds disapointing.

Seasons 1-5 were perfect and forget that little bit at the end were sam shows up the season 5 finale felt like a natural end and well written
Sam takes lucifer and michael into the pit and locks them away , dean keeps his promise to go live a normal life

after watching i remembered back over the past 5 seasons it felt perfect and this was were it was going from Sam's Visons, Yellow Eyes after Sam, John Teling Dean He Might have to Kill Sam, The Whole Simelartys Of The Angels And Winchester Brothers Dynamic,Sam Going Against Dean Like Lucifer Went againest Michael. and all leading to 4 hoursemen and the apocalypes
Well everything and erik kripke wrote it for 5 seasons and it does feel like the cw pushed for another season.

So i was happy at the end season 5,sad to see it go but happy for it end on a high not with everything fitting prefectley

so should i watch Season 6 ???

Thanks N
Well it's hard to predict how you'll personally feel about it after watching season 6.

I was skeptical going into it but I'd say it was worth watching. Eric Kripke has still been involved even though Sara Gamble has been doing pretty great herself in my opinion.
I enjoyed season 6. It wasn't as good as the rest of the series, but it was good in it's own right.
I wouldn't watch season 6. It wasn't that good to me. The first 5 seasons are perfect. 6 is just off. If you are a fan of the show, I guess you could watch it. But then you'll probably want to see if they can get back to the feel of the first 5 seasons. That's the only reason I'll watch the first few episodes of season 7. If those episodes feel anything like season 6, I'm dropping the show.
On the one hand, there are some things about Season 6 that might bug long-time Supernatural fans. I'll try not to spoil anything, but one storyline that sort of bothered me was how everyone seemed to be all up in arms about a big baddie that was released from its prison, only to have it easily killed by a plot device within a couple of episodes. Similarly, a season-long struggle between two factions is brought to an end in a rather anticlimactic fashion. Plus, they mention H.P. Lovecraft without really using anything from his universe. I was disappointed when Nyarlathotep failed to make an appearance.

On the other hand, there are some things to like about the season. I very much enjoyed an episode about a weekend in Bobby's life, and one of the episodes was so deliciously meta that the writers must have been on crack when they wrote it. And we get to see how Dean and Sam try to reconnect, even though the universe seems to delight in tossing obstacles in their way. Plus, Dean! He never fails to make me laugh at least once or twice an episode.

All in all, I'd say to watch it if you'd like to find out what happens next, but be prepared to take the bad with the good.
If you like Supernatural for the characters, and how they interact with each other in the situations they get into, it's worth watching. Jensen Ackles directs... episode four I think? He done good.

If you like the show for it's long-time story arc, and what's going on in that, you'll kind of hate it.

I'm in the first group and loved season 6. But I can see why people in the second group hated it. Storylines get bounced around. It's like certain writers follow storylines with excruciating detail, and the next writer can't be bothered.

It depends on what's important in the show for you, I guess I'm saying.
Season 6 kind of sucked. Personally I thought it was filled with all the worst parts of the show that have ruined it over the past few years.

Lame humor, demons that seem more like mobsters than monsters, confusing romance, boring angel politics, and yet another "whats wrong with Sam" plotline that has been done to death 5 times.
But if you love the show it will atleast be a way to kill some time.
Worth it for the UFO episode.

It starts out kinda slow, but gets better and better, and the only thing I disliked about the finale is the mexican soap opera closeups they did on EVERYONE during the climactic scene. You can almost hear the DUHNNN DUNNNNNN DUNNNNNN music when they do it.

Besides, we get to see Death again, and he is always awesome. There's a reason I am making his ring :)

Yes, the UFO episode! The strategy Sam used to beat the baddie was also a way to keep vampires preoccupied until sunrise, according to some European folklore. Apparently being OCD was a real problem among supernatural creatures in the old countries. I vote for more of this particular baddie next season, if only to see what he'll come up with next time. I did like the character of Death too. Too bad we've only gotten to see him in like three episodes so far, and he's only spoken in two of those. Tessa (the reaper) reminds me a little of Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series: petite brunette who's friendly, but pretty matter-of-fact about the mysteries of the afterlife.
Oh yea, forgot to mention that there is a Bobby centric episode that is comedy gold.

Like I said, it's a slow start, but after the first few episodes it starts to ramp up pretty good.

Weekend at Bobby's is easily the best episode of the season, and maybe my favorite of the series. After that, I felt they got back to where the show needed to be. As has already been mentioned, it may not be better than the years before it, but it's certainly not any worse.
The people complimenting it for its humor are exactly why the season sucked.

Supernatural is supposed to be a horror show. Its asthetics were defined by gritty realism and blue collar americana. The ultimate road trip show about two brothers saving people and hunting things.

Now its been reduced to a 2nd rate buffy wannabewhose writer's chief motivations seem to be who can entertain eachother the most by outdoing eachother in wackyness.
The people complimenting it for its humor are exactly why the season sucked.

Supernatural is supposed to be a horror show. Its asthetics were defined by gritty realism and blue collar americana. The ultimate road trip show about two brothers saving people and hunting things.

Now its been reduced to a 2nd rate buffy wannabewhose writer's chief motivations seem to be who can entertain eachother the most by outdoing eachother in wackyness.

Granted, I think the show would have been better ending at season 5 (words I often repeat when speaking about Buffy for that matter) but having fun with the universe doesn't ruin it at all in my personal opinion. Even the less serious episodes have horror in them but if every episode was murder, gore and all about experiencing the torments of hell... why the heck would many viewers care to stick with it?

It's like eating really hot food... if you don't mix in something to balance it out during the meal, it just gets painful and tedious after a while.

X-Files was a prime example. The mythology of the show got so ridiculously non-sensical and took itself so seriously for a long time that the less serious episodes are the only ones that even have replay value for me now. It's not because I don't appreciate the horror elements, they just need something to balance them out once in a while.

And granted, I think they've probably done a bit too much of that with season 6 but it's still not nearly as bad as Buffy's season 6 or 7 for that matter. Buffy REALLY should have ended after season 5. For that matter, X-Files should have ended when Duchovny left (after season 7 I think?)

I maintain that Supernatural would have done well to wrap up after season 5 since it was designed to be a bookend for the mythology and the story arc but for the folks that appreciate the character interaction (and I do), the show is still enjoyable. The sense of humor that's intrinsic to the relationships balances out the constant gloom-and-doom horror aspects.
Yea, I definatly agree that occasionally Supernatural needed to take a break from the heavy horror. But the problem is that what once started as taking a break from the norm now happens every week. And if you constantly are breaking from the norm, then when exactly does the norm happen?

Its gotten to the point where the comedy is bleeding into stuff that it doesn't belong in, such as moments in the mythology. It severly undercuts a dramatic moment when the writers use it as an opportunity to work in a fart gag. For example when Bobby made his deal to save the boys it was suppposed to be a huge moment about how much he has sacrificed for these boys. Instead the scene was just a gag where the boys are suprised that Bobby had to kiss another man. These kinds of things are littered throughout the show. The giant fat cupid, the tooth fairy as a big hairy man, Pestilence the tounge in cheek horseman. Even Castiel, the once awe inspiring angel warrior with a powerful presence has been reduced to a walking straight man gag.

Its gotten to the point where the world doesn't feel real the way it used to in the first few seasons. Everyone is either some goofy characterature of a socially awkward person or a ridiculously good looking supermodel type.

Back in the first 2 seasons I liked how the humorous episodes had fun with themselves, but never let that humor go where it doesn't belong, like undercutting the seriousness of the monster or the task of hunting it. Now it seems like they are making jokes out of people getting killed.

And even when the monsters aren't funny, they arent really monsters at all. Almost everyone poses as human now. Demons, the biggest badasses of the monster world who mysteriously apppear causing electrical storms are now just glorified mobsters that live in mansions drinking scotch and riding around in black SUVs.

I could go on for ages about how far this show has fallen. It was once by far my favorite show but now its almost completly unrecognizeable from its former self.
ShadowX81, I think you have it exactly right about Supernatural. We are seeing a show fall apart. I think the main problem with this show and X-Files is the characters become part of the ride and not themselves anymore. Unlike with Buffy, which stayed consistent. Supernatural is just all over the place. I have no clue where this season is headed and will probably stop watching mid season.
Umm...what show have you people been watching. I laugh my ass off during many episodes of every season. I don't know maybe there are a lot of jokes that some people don't get or something, but it is not just this season that has had a LOT of humor in it.

That being said...Season 6 started out VERY slow for me, but I got back into the feeling of it before too long.
Season 6 took a long time to start actually going place and kicking ass, but once it started, it got GREAT.

This new season is shaping up pretty well. The last episode kinda sucked, but I blame sloppy editing for that. The base story was fine, but just handled in a weird way.

Can't really understand the hate for the humor episodes. The trickster episodes, the shapeshifter b&w episode, the Bobby episode, the UFO episode... All those were great and carried the plotlines along fine.

The demons are still a threat sometimes, but not too often since the characters are a lot more prepared for what's going on instead of sorta stumbling blindly through like they did in season 1. When angels showed up, it was big because it was something new, extremely powerful, and through the whole season..... Dean killed one by pretty much trickery. Other than "banishing" them with the rune sigil, every other time an angel has been killed has been by another angel.

With the new season kicking off the way it has, the whole heavenly war aspect is pretty much a done deal, and while I think Collins is a recurring character in this season, I'd bet even money that he is the head baddy this time around.

Dunno what shows you guys are watching, but it's still not a super happy land for these guys. Sam knows hes a mental case, Dean has no faith in anything and knows he is a broken human being, and all they are trying to do is save humanity any way they can. It's not exactly a family comedy.

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