Should I use primer under chrome paint?


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I'm going to be using Rustoleum Brilliant Metallic gold on a prop I'm painting. I've read that best results come from fine sanding then using gloss black as an undercoat, but should I use primer under the black?

I normally always use grey plastic primer on resin props, but I'm not sure on this one, anyone got any experience or tips?
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I would use primer - you want the black undercoat to stick to the resin. Last thing you want happening is the black undercoat to start bubbling raising and screwing up your chrome paint too..

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I agree. Definitely prime. That's the whole purpose of the primer: to bond the paint to the object. You can easily sand the primer to a clean, smooth surface that will be perfect for the black and the metallic paint.


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Yep. Black primer sanded really smooth, gloss black paint, then the gold. Pretty good results that way.
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