Shotgun shells & grenade launcher rounds

Hey all, anybody know where I can order scale shotgun shells and/or grenade launcher rounds? I'm not having any luck turning anything up on the interwebs. I'm just looking for something to fill out some bandoliers with and apparently they're hard to find up here in the Great White North. Any thoughts?


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Are you talking about rounds for a pulse rifle GL? Spat ( sells some very nice looking resin replicas. For shotgun shells, you can buy empty hulls (for reloading) in bulk from sporting good websites and I have gotten empty full brass shotgun shells from gun broker as well.


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If you want cheap and easy, look at airsoft websites or your local craigslist. I found a few airsoft grenade rounds for $10 each. They make inexpensive shotgun rounds as well.



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I'm making a limited quantity of these, I only make this type of grenade. They are based on the Terminator 2 grenades. Aren't shotgun shells a bit smaller than grenade rounds? So you have to give us a clue ;)

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I hadn't thought of an empty shell. *duh* I'll look into that.

Airsoft is a really tricky subject up here in Canada. It's hard to get a vast majority of the guns and accessories shipped up here. Believe me, I've been trying to get my hands on the Mad Max replica shotgun for a few years now. :$

As for the grenade launcher rounds the ones from T2 are actually exactly what I'm thinking of scale-wise. Sorry, forgot where I was for a moment, I didn't have the exact scale and model no. ready. lol

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You could probably make the shotgun shells out of wood dowel rod. it won't be fast or easy but probably your best bet. my toy shotgun came with some that are way too small sadly.


yeah and also with the shotgun shells you could probably find someone who reloads and have him or her (not sexist here) make some without gun powder. idk how easy that is in canada but here in arkansas its pretty easy


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Didny want to start a new thread and since this is so similar, anyone know where to get 7.62 fmj nato rounds? I just need one so a box might be a bit of a waste of money.


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I've never ordered from them, but this place sells replica 37mm and 40mm grenades.

As someone else said, you can buy empty shotgun cartridges. Just take care in folding the tops over correctly!
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