Shotgun Remington 1100 made of wood

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here at The RPF, let me know if I broke any rules and I will try to fix it immediately :D

    here is the wood plank that I've have used
    View attachment 455238

    first, I have draw the silhouette of the gun in the wood, and then I sawed


    after, I've Sculpted the wood to aproximate the forms of the pictures that used as reference

    IMG074.jpg IMG073.jpg IMG072.jpg IMG071.jpg

    after sanding process got like this

    IMG079.jpg IMG078.jpg IMG077.jpg

    then I split in two parts, because the paint process of them are diferent

    View attachment 455220 IMG012.jpg IMG002.jpg

    chamber window detail

    IMG010.jpg IMG009.jpg

    the chamber already painted


    the stock and forearm

    IMG079.jpg IMG081.jpg


    final stage

    20150320_195901.jpg 20150320_195818.jpg 20150320_214424.jpg 20150320_195845.jpg

    any questions?


    by the way, here were I live (Brazil) that's a forbidden thing to do... make replicas of weapons

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    Looks good. I especially like the rust detail around the chamber, I mean, aside from that beautiful stock. What was your process for painting the barrel and assembly? Looks extra shiny...

  3. Sean


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    I like it. I think you did an amazing job on this.:thumbsup

    And welcome to the RPF.
  4. Daniel B

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    thank you guys

    the painting of the chamber I used primer polyurethane in the first layer, and then, polyester paint (automotive) by spray gun

    the barrels were painted with a common aerosol spray matte black and covered with incolor varnish

    OBS: everything was well sanded with sandpaper grits 180, 220, 400, 500
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