Short 'n simple - pic references of Sterling/E-11 bayonette lug, and....grip?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Timmythekid, Jun 24, 2015.

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    So, digging into my second, this time all-metal, E-11 build, and planning to include a detail I simply had no reference on for the first build, the bayonet lug. It however seems to be the ONE part of the Sterling that has not been well-photographed and measured. Would anyone who's got a real Sterling, or a reasonable resin cast be willing to take a few snaps, maybe even with a couple of quick measurements, pretty, pretty please, showing overall size and where the grooves are cut into it? Another little irritation I've run into on this build - while the grips seem relatively cheap and easy to find, they're all in the States and vendors won't even ship the plastic GRIPS to Canada for some reason. Resin copies seem to have vanished as well - does anyone have any ideas on where to pick up a grip (ideally original, though I'm at the point of looking at resin too now) in either the Great White North, or maybe around Bellingham, WA?
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    If you´re going for a high end/ high priced T-Track (USA), contact GINO
    If you´re going for a high end/ reasonably priced T-track (europe), contact Roygilsing...he ships internationally.

    The bajonet lug can be a tricky small piece to scratchbuilt, why don´t you get a resin cast?
    RPF member dday is one of many sources, where you can get resin Sterling parts from.

    No measurements, but I found quite a few good reference pics by googling for it.

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    Thanks, I'll try to connect with dday then - and, no, absolutely no objection to resin, I just am not seeing parts available all over the place like they were a couple of years ago (fleabay is virtually empty, and Doopy's doesn't look like they've been updated in years). Anyways, Google hasn't been kind in terms of ref pics I've been able to locate, HOWEVER, I did accidentally stumble on a couple of decent images of a scratch-machined lug from a build on FSID while looking for something totally different (the little latchey-dealy on the back side of the magazine). Can't quite get my head around the groove and the sloped backside though, so hopefully resin it is.As far as grip, I meant the handle, rather than T-track - actually prefer to hunt down 'close-enough' track, and was pretty happy with the stuff I ended up with on my first blaster, accurate or not. But the grip, man, the grip! Finally found a dealer that would ship to Canada, but at three times the cost of the grip itself. A hundred bucks at the end of the day is insane for a 5" piece of mass-produced plastic. Thanks again!!!
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    When I built mine I bought a real sterling grip from numeric have gun parts for 13 dollars total.
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    I scratch-built a bayonet lug with a hacksaw and files from a square aluminium rod.
    Here are a couple of low-res reference images I had laying around..
    Sterling parts.jpg Parks Sterling 5 Nozzle.jpg

    When I built my blaster - ten years ago - there were several known people on the board who sold resin casts of the pistol grips. Hollowing it out was a bitch ...
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    Yeah, originals seem relatively cheap (around the twenty dollar range) and easy to find, but like I said, either the dealers won't ship to Canada (COME ON, IT'S PLASTIC, IT'S NOT GOING TO HURT ANYONE!!!!!!) or want crazy shipping to do it.
    @Darth Lars, yeah, resin grip would probably be second choice for that reason, as I've already got the parts laid out ready to cut the interior grip assembly. If there's no other realistic option though, I'll go that route...if I can find one of those even. Oh, and thanks for the pics! Differnt angles than I was able to find before, that help de-mystify the groove a bit.

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